As Lake Berryessa Flows: A Combination of Science, Engineering, and Natural Beauty    

Lake Berryessa is almost a living creature. It breathes in and out, grows and shrinks. But it breathes water not air. Actually it is always breathing out a bit through evaporation and outflows through Monticello Dam all year. All of these processes define its hydrological cycle.

Hydrology is the scientific study of the waters of the earth, especially with relation to the effects of precipitation and evaporation upon the occurrence and character of water in streams, lakes, and on or below the land surface -  the cycle from precipitation to re-evaporation or return to the water of the seas. But Lake Berryessa’s hydrology is heavily modified by man from the time the water drops from the sky until its return to the ocean.

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California Droughts are Common

Measuring Levels and Rainfall

But Can Lake Berryessa Flood (Over the Dam)?

Can Monticello Dam Break?

Monticello Dam Failure Simulation 

Lake Level vs Acre-Feet of Storage

Lake Berryessa Hits Full Capacity, But 51,708 Acre-Feet Are Missing!

Monticello Dam: Tear it down and build it bigger?

Rainfall Impacts

Putah Creek Flows: Water In, Water Out, But From Where?

Power Generation at Monticello Dam

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