Lake Berryessa Statistics (11/28/22)

The lake is now down to 394.1 feet - 45. feet below Glory Hole. This is the lowest level since 1995.

Lake-level-1990 2023a

Rainfall total at Monticello Dam is now at 2.68 inches.

The water temperature is at 59 degrees from top to bottom, meaning the lake has "turned over".

Lake Temps 112322


The lake now holds 792,000 acre-feet of water. The Gamble Gauge is at 51.1% capacity.    


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Around the 4th of July in 2020, some kids in the neighborhood and I decided to make some tie-dyes and sell them on the corner just for fun. We thought it would just be a one-time thing, something to do on a hot summer day. Little did we know. On that day, we discovered this one thing: People who stop to buy tie dye are AWESOME! We had so much fun meeting lake visitors and everyone else that we just had to come back the next day. And the next. And the next. And here we are, over two years later, still making tie-dyes and still eager to see which car will round the corner next. 



Instagram: @lakeberryessatiedye

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We also have our cute Lake Berryessa mascot for you: Little Beary Essa!



Lucky Enough Lake PlaqueR


572 Putah Creek final copy


Amber lots ad December 2022

Build Your Dream Lake House on a View Lot:



See a photo slide show at:


Seasonal closures at Lake Berryessa

The Bureau of Reclamation has announced recreation area closures and new operating hours at Lake Berryessa beginning Sept. 25. These seasonal closures allow natural resource recovery as Reclamation performs necessary maintenance.

Reclamation-operated locations at Berryessa remain open year-round with the exceptions and hours listed below:

The north side of Oak Shores Day Use Area and the two restrooms along the Smittle Creek Trail are closed until March 31.

The south side of Oak Shores Day Use Area will continue to offer restroom facilities, picnic tables, water access and a kayak/canoe hand launch.

Gates will open at 7:30 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. to reflect daylight hours’ changes at Oak Shores, Smittle Creek and Eticuera.

Capell Cove Boat Launch will remain open from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. The launch ramp remains closed to motorized boats until water levels rise again.

The Smittle Creek Trail and Lake Berryessa administrative offices are closed until further notice.

The Dufer Point Visitor Center and gates to day use areas will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Dufer Point Visitor Center at 5520 Knoxville Road is open Saturdays, Sundays, and most holidays (exceptions above), from noon to 3 p.m. beginning Oct. 1 through March 31.

Maps, information, and America the Beautiful and Lake Berryessa annual passes are available during operating hours.

For information on activities, fees, directions, pet restrictions or other questions, call the visitor center at 707-966-2111, ext. 113, the Lake Berryessa Administration Office at 707-966-2111 (TTY 800-877-8339) or visit


Boat Rental 2022


Evan ad 2022


Valley Internet color 2022


Boat Repair 2022


Updated Map of Lake Berryessa (6/30/22)



The Lake Berryessa Fishing Page

Lake Berryessa: Best Fishing in America!

BOR Fishing Brochure.pdf


For information regarding services offered at concession-operated facilities, launch fees or to make reservations, call the concession operators or visit their websites:

Markley Cove, 707-966-2134,

Pleasure Cove Marina, 707-966-9600,

Steele Canyon Recreation Area, 707-966-9410,

Spanish Flat Recreation Area, 707-966-0200,

Putah Canyon Recreation Area, 707-966-9051,

For information on activities, fees, directions, pet restrictions or other questions at the lake, call the Lake Berryessa administration office at 707-966-2111


The definitive book about what happened at Lake Berryessa!

Policy and Politics Betray the People:

The Lake Berryessa Saga, 1958-2020

This KPIX Eye on the Bay interview I did in 2010 is a relevant introduction to the substance of the book. I did it after Pensus had been given the contract for 5 resorts. As we all know Pensus was subsequently kicked out in 2012.

Eye on the Bay screen shot
Berryessa Book Cover

The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle version and a paperback version.


Special Reports

Special Release: New combined report for those who want to know almost everything about how Lake Berryessa works!

As Lake Berryessa Flows:

A Combination of Science, Engineering, and Natural Beauty

by Peter Kilkus

The Science and Engineering Elements of a Major Natural Resource

Download Full Report PDF Here...


Lake Berryessa Fills and Glory Hole Spills: The Video History

This amazing series of Lake Berryessa News Drone videos by Evan Kilkus documents the 45 foot rise of Lake Berryessa in 2017.




Berryessa Valley and the Town of Monticello Historical Photos and Videos from before Lake Berryessa covered it.

Monticello from air gig

Thanks to Carol Fitzpatrick for creating the Berryessa Valley Exhibit at the Spanish Flat Village Center (Now t the Winters Historical Museum) described in the first video.

Berryessa Valley Exhibit Moves to the Winters History Museum


Some Interesting Past Stories

Berryessa Valley Exhibit Moves to the Winters History Museum

...From 1977 (45 years ago):Revolt Against BOR in 1977: Wier Out of Lake Berryessa Management


Floating Native American Casino (4/1/22)

Napa County Fights Against Building the Monticello Dam

Lake Berryessa Historical Maps

What’s Under Lake Berryessa?

Glory Hole: Awesome, Frightening, But Dangerous?

Skateboarding Inside Glory Hole

Best of April Fool's Stories (2009 - 2021)

Full April Fool's Issues (2009 to 2021)

Triploid Trout Getting Bigger and Smarter in Lake Berryessa

University of Lake Berryessa Promotes Global Food Security: 

Meat Grapes &  Steak Potatoes


Scuba Diving the Putah Creek Stone Bridge

Bridge Dive Video

Lake Berryessa Waterspout 2017


The Stock Market IS NOT the Economy, Stupid!

Bird Goes Over the Glory Hole Waterfall Without A Barrel

My First Fishing Trip on Lake Berryessa

Berryesa Oil Rush 1900 & 1920

Rattlesnakes: Friend or Enemy – or just a primal fear?


Lake Berryessa Technical Manual


The History of the Creation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument: The Ultimate Political Perversion of the Antiquities Act

By Peter Kilkus

The Twisted Ten-Year Political Path From a Modest Nature Area Partnership to a Local Blue Ridge Berryessa National Conservation Area to a Large Disjointed Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area to an Incoherent Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.

Is it the “Dumbest National Monument in the United States”? An objective review of the process by which it was created and the final formal designation suggests the answer is YES. I personally support the creation of legitimate national monuments, but this is not that. Being part of the ten year political process that led to its creation convinced me that in many situations the Antiquities Act is being abused. The Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is a perfect case study of this abuse. 

Read the full report here.



Sun Lake Berryessa Master File

Rebel Rebel - Rockin’1000

Evan fights the fire at our house                       © Peter Kilkus 2021