7th Event: Pasote Tequila & Berryessa Bass Tournaments Circuit

Thanks to the 26 Teams that fished the April 14, 2019 tournament hosted out of Markley Cove. We had a clear and warm blast off with Duke almost forgetting to blast boats 20 through 25! We did have a breezy, sunny, and warm weigh-in with Chili Dogs for all!

Most of the teams got there limit while searching for a big bite all day, but a few teams got their kicker! Most teams reported catching their fish in 1 – 15 feet of water. Water temps are up into the low 60’s range with the water clarity slightly murky tan/green, especially after the rain and winds again. A few coves seem to have clear water though!

Top weights are getting better slightly, but overall still in the 13-14lb range. Teams reported catching their fish on Swim Baits, Jigs, Drop Shot, and Reaction Baits. Most teams were fishing off the Main Body of the lake in cuts, coves, and creek channels.

First Place went to Dave Raper with a great sack and a giant kicker! Dave’s sack weighed 20.15lbs and was anchored with a 6.62lb Kicker for 1st Place Big Fish! Second Place went to Gary Okusako and Dave Symmons who brought in a nice sack that weighed 17.12lbs. Third Place went to Steve Alvarado and Mark Peters with a sack that weighed 13.96lbs. With a Fourth Place finish, Joe Mariani and Luke Lipanovich weighed in 13.05lbs. In Fifth Place, Dave Pisani and Kaven Myers came in with a sack weighing 12.90lbs and a Kicker that was 5.08lbs for 2nd Place big Fish! Brett Leber and Chuck Kavros weighed in a 12.72lb sack for Sixth Place. In Seventh Place and First out of the Money with a $100 River2Sea Certificate was Matthew Dettling and Sean Barth with 12.43lbs. 

Next tournament (Cinco De Mayo) Sunday 5/05/19! Also, the 6/15/19 Tournament has been changed to Sunday 6/9/19 and will be out of the Capell Cove at the FREE LAUNCH! 

Email or call the office phone if you have any questions (530)794-6085 Thanks for the Support!!! Website should be updated shortly! berryessabass.weebly.com




The latest issue of The Lake Berryessa News has been published and is available for download. Click on image below...

LBNews Pg 8&1 Apr19


April 1 - America’s Favorite Holiday

Although April Fools Day celebrates sly wit and twisted humor, it also inadvertently highlights the serious lack of scientific and mathematical knowledge of the American public, as well as a complete lack of the ability to think analytically on the part of many. Remember, if you read it in The Lake Berryessa News April 1 Special Edition it must be true?


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than 

sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Martin Luther King


Solano County Water Agency Introduces the CORK Water Saver

There has been a consistent rumor over the years that there is a plan to raise Monticello Dam. It never happened and never will. A simpler approach to storing more water in Lake Berryessa would be to raise Glory Hole itself by installing movable gates that could be raised and lowered as necessary to impound more water during the rainy season.

Raising Glory Hole by 5 feet to 445’ would increase Lake Berryesssa storage by approximately 100,000 acre-feet without significantly affecting facilities along the shoreline. The highest the lake level has ever reached was 446.7 feet in 1983, and it has exceeded 440 feet only 26 times during the last 60 years. According ro rhe Solano County Water Agency (SCWA) this is not often enough to justify the expense of installing this type of control device on Glory Hole.

However, sources tell the Lake Berryessa News that the Solano County Water Agency, in cooperation with University of Lake Berryessa engineers, has developed a simpler alternative - the Circular Output Restrictor Kit - easier to use and more in keeping with the wine country vibe of the area. The Lake Berryessa News has obtained a photo of the new device which may be introduced on April 1.

Champagne cork in Glory Hole SCWA edited-1


318 Black Oak Apr2019
809 Bahia Vista Apr


Lake Berryessa Glory Hole Swallows Senior Center Gambling Bus    

For more than 25 years, the Lake Berryessa Senior Center and Community Hall social group has made its yearly trip to the Cache Creek Casino. This trip, like so many in the past, was filled with singing and good humor for the seniors on board the bus.

But not long into the latest trip along Highway 128, the bus was run off the road by a herd of tourists just as it approached Lake Berryessa’s famous Glory Hole lookout area. Despite bus  driver Soddy McWombat’s best efforts, the bus veered off the road and tumbled down into the famous landmark known the world over as the Glory Hole.

One lady said, “We had just finished listening to our favorite band, Queens of the Stone Age, and were ready for another round of a hundred bottles of beer on the wall when our driver yelled "Blimey, mate!" and we slid off the road.”

Even though the bus flipped on its top as it made its way terrifyingly down the Glory Hole, the veteran bus driver, McWombat, saved the day. He came on the loudspeaker and told them “No Worries”. Soddy knew from reading the Lake Berryessa News, that the Glory Hole tunnel was 28 feet in diameter so the bus would be able to go right through it with no problems if he could keep it upright.

According to a report filed by the Napa County Sheriff,  Soddy managed to steer the bus down the tube, roller-coastering through the curved tunnel at the bottom, then out through the spillway on the other side of the dam. The bus became lodged at the exit of the tunnel, sparing its riders a bus-boat ride to Winters.  

“It seemed like we were in the hole for a long time,” continued Theodore Kerabatsos. Driver McWombat said that although he was as cross as a frog in a sock that the accident happened, he knew that everything would turn out fine, fair dinkum.

Although word has gotten out to the water bird thrill-seeking population that the Glory Hole Water Slide is really dope, actual people should avoid it.

Senior gambling bus birds final


1016 Eastridge Apr2019
1040 Blueridge Apr2018


Bird Goes Over the Glory Hole Waterfall Without A Barrel

People of a certain age will remember the fad of daredevils going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The first person to do it and live to tell the tale was a widowed teacher named Annie Taylor. Taylor was struggling financially when she seized upon the idea of riding over the falls in a barrel to secure fame and fortune. She used an oaken barrel with a crudely cushioned interior, which she tested by sending it over the falls with a test cat stuffed inside - it survived. 

cat in waterfall  barrel web

On Oct. 24, 1901 Taylor climbed inside her barrel. Less than twenty minutes later, she was recovered from the bottom of the falls, bleeding from the head but otherwise uninjured.

A Facebook video was posted at the end of February, 2019 showing a cormorant swim over the edge of Glory Hole and disappear. The video went viral spawning  many social media comments and local news stories. One of the better stories was done by a local CBS News channel. 

Video: Bird Goes Over the Glory Hole Waterfall Without A Barrel

Niagara Falls is only 167 feet high compared to the Glory Hole’s total 245 feet total, but Glory Hole has a much smoother exit tunnel, which starts at only 150 feet below the spillway, compared to the rocks below Niagara Falls. Survival of the Glory Hole Bird was a hot topic for days.

On Monday, March 18, 2019 I spoke with Rick Fowler who is interviewed in the video. He said the video was taken at the higest level of the lake this year  (444.1 feet on February 27). 

Coincidentally, I was delivering the March issue of the Lake Berryessa News on Friday, March 1, when I stopped at the Glory Hole. I talked to a couple who had just seen a bird which they described as a grebe swim right over the edge of the Glory Hole. They were actually a bit distraught because they thought they had seen the death of the beautiful creature. Apparently this is not a rare event.

Glory Hole birds satire edited-1

Rick said that he ran to the other side of the observation area as soon as he saw the bird go down. He made it to a point right above the Glory Hole output where he claims he saw the bird pop out and recover. Although you can’t see the output structure itself, you can easily see the turbulent white water coming out of it.

My calculations show that the water falling to the bottom of Niagara Falls is moving at about 70 miles per hour when it hits the river and rocks below. This is about the same speed as the water into Glory Hole when it hits the smooth ninety degree curve which begins about 150 feet below the lip of the spillway and begins to turn turbulent.

Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon so it can create a significant force if it hits a stationary object. Imagine someone throwing a 5 gallon (40 pound) bottle of water at you to catch. (Author’s Personal Health Note: To anyone 40 pounds overweight, say 240 pounds when you should be 200 pounds, I hope you  understand that this is the same as carrying around a 5 gallon bottle of water in your arms.)

But that’s not what’s happening inside Glory Hole. Remember when you were body surfing in big waves at a beautiful beach somewhere? You moved with the waves and tumbled around in the surf when the wave broke. If you’ve gone river rafting, you probably have not been torn up by the current, but floated along on top of it at the same speed as the water. 

When my boys threw me out of a raft on the American River in some turbulent white water and I surfaced under the raft, I was not “torn to pieces” by the flow. I simply floated along through the rapids. An object falling into Glory Hole is doing the same thing - falling at the same speed as the water then bouncing along floating in the white foam to the exit.

The “Glory Hole Bird” was actually a cormorant. Cormorants feed by diving and swimming underwater. They are very light and buoyant. They can dive to depths of 5 to 60 feet below the surface and stay under water up to 70 seconds. The Glory Hole cormorant would be traveling at the same speed as the water when it reached the “water slide” at the bottom and was enveloped in severe turbulence.

Then it and the water slowed drastically and it would be washed away horizontally through a smooth concrete tunnel to the output. Although it would have to swim through a lot of turbulence, there is no real “pressure” at the bottom - it's not like being 200 feet under water. 

The bird wouldn’t "hit" the "bottom" at high speed as if it had jumped from a 245 foot building. And it would not have been “torn to pieces” as some speculated. The Glory Hole is essentially a circular waterfall. Theoretically, the bird could have survived.

Rick Fowler believes the cormorant did survive because he saw it. A local ornithologist Rick spoke with recently also believed survival was possible. I also think survival was possible. To actually determine the time from input to output a light, bright object would have to be tossed into Glory Hole and the input-to-output time measured by observers. An object which included an accelerometer the g-forces experienced by the object as it was bounced around on its trip. Time for a science experiment?

I'm sure Rick will forgive me for mentioning that his last name may indicate some deeper spiritual connection to our feathered companions which allowed him to witness this unique event. 

Who knows what strange electromagnetic signals fill the air when water is flowing through Glory Hole with its steel internal structure and unique chemical composition? One scientific study being pursued by scientists at the University of Lake Berryessa is whether Glory Hole is actually a Black Hole or a Worm Hole.

However, it does seem that that Glory Hole's signal has beckoned to gathering water birds of all types. Apparently the thrill ride of what has become known to them as the Glory Hole Water Slide is now a major attraction on the Pacific Flyway, fostering bird traffic jams approaching those of human tourists gaping at the famous spillway. 


1325 Steele Canyon Apr2019
5310 Monticello Road Apr2019


Global Climate Change Report: 

Sea Level Rise May Be Due To Huge Amazon Lake And Sinkhole.

Although many scientists believe that most sea level rise is due to warming of the global atmosphere accompanied by the melting of glaciers and polar ice, another potential source may have been discovered in an unexplored plateau in the central Amazon jungle. The area is usually shrouded in thick clouds, but scientists got a break when the clouds parted for a few hours. They discovered a huge hundred square mile inland lake at about 10,000 feet in altitude. The surprising feature of the lake was a huge circular waterfall which had apparently opened over a subterranean tunnel that connected it to several mid-continent rivers, including the Amazon. The lake had been storing huge amounts of water for several thousand years. Scientists speculate that only during recent decades had it started to drain slowly through a sinkhole opened by seismic activity. Observers commented on the circular waterfall’s remarkable similarity to Lake Berryessa California’s internationally famous Glory Hole. The full report is due to be made public on April 1, 2019.

circular Horseshoe Falls edited-1


Profiles in Smartyness: Science Cats at the University of Lake Berryessa

As described in another story in this issue, a cat was used to test the survival odds of going over Niagara Falls in a barrel more than 100 years ago. Cats have long been employed in science pursuits. The Ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe. Without them, civilization as we know it might have never survived! Photo below shows one of the science cats employed at the University of Lake Berryessa’s laboratories beneath Big Island. The other photo shows an example of a science cat at ULB studying the forces of gravity as applied to falling mice. The final photo is of a science cat leaping into Glory Hole to determine if it is a black hole or  a wormhole.

Science cat
cat drops mouse
Cat astronaut
Cat astronaut into Glory Hole1


Is Glory Hole a Black Hole or a Wormhole - Or Both?

Quantum entanglement, a perplexing phenomenon of quantum mechanics that Albert Einstein once referred to as “spooky action at a distance,” could be even spookier than Einstein perceived. Physicists at the University of Lake Berryessa believe the Glory Hole phenomenon at Lake Berryessa might be intrinsically linked with wormholes, a hypothetical feature of space-time which could provide a much-faster-than-light shortcut from one part of the lake to another - or to a different universe altogether.

If  two black holes were entangled, a person outside the opening of one would not be able to see or communicate with someone just outside the opening of the other. The way they could communicate with each other is if one jumped into his black hole, then the other person must jump into her black hole - then the interior world would be the same (and they could kiss?). Therapists in ULB’s Psychology Department have already begun to use this analogy to develop a whole new marriage counseling paradigm.

worm holes


University of Lake Berryessa Study Finds: 

Stupidity is Orgasmic

Scientists have been perplexed for decades as to why raw stupidity is so prevalent among human beings. They’re not talking about ignorance here. Ignorance simply implies lack of knowledge or awareness about something which can be fixed by learning more. 

Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, mental capacity, understanding, reason, wit, or common sense. Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies. As the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid. 

If you participate much in social media sites like Facebook orTwitter it's hard not to feel like being lost among the clueless - but the clueless seem to be having a darn good time expressing their opinions.

According to Prof. Noah Fence, "The problem with most stupid people is that they don’t know they're stupid. Many like to think of themselves as “contrarians” who know more than anyone else and want you to know it too. But the key element is that it feels good."

Psychologists at the University of Lake Berryessa finally asked the simple question, “Is stupidity as intoxicating as sex or food or booze?’ After many years of study and experiment, they found that the answer is a resounding YES.  Further study is needed to determine how to reverse the pleasure of stupidity without harming the stupid.


No diving edited-3


April 1, 2019: Bureau of Reclamation Announces Management Training Program

The organization that knows how to not get something done announces a management training program for special employees in how to handle complex projects and unruly crowds while delaying actions into the future.

Push on a Rope (Team Building Exercise) 

Designed to give insight into deflecting criticism from local community groups.

Small groups will tie a rope to an object on a table and all push on the rope to see how far and fast they can move the object.

Local example: Create a Lake Berryessa Community Forum. “The Bureau of Reclamation announces the Lake Berryessa Community Forum Coordinating Team.” The Community Forum is comprised of representatives from eleven stakeholder groups and is designed to promote public input regarding recreation opportunities and services at Lake Berryessa.”

Paper Bag Punch (Individual Exercise)

Designed to give insight into deflecting criticism from individual community members. Staff members are covered with custom-designed large paper bag and directed to punch their way out. 

Local example: Entice a local community member or community group (see “Push On A Rope exercise described above) to assist in developing a strategy for the creation of a special program to establish guidelines for future strategic planning sessions which encourage local participation in information-gathering activities which further the goals of a strategic plan, yet to be scheduled, to develop positive alternatives for future action.

Sincerity Seminar (Senior Staff)

Designed to give upper level managers insight into deflecting criticism from local Boards and Commissions

Members will practice speaking before simulated Board of Supervisors meetings. This intensive seminar will focus on the importance of feigned politeness and respect, the ability to string together several misleading assurances of future results, and the importance of a simulated self-deprecating tone while admitting past errors in judgment. Includes a review of successful video exchanges.

Local examples: Presentations by Bureau of Reclamation Area Manager, Mike “Seamless Transition” Finnegan before several meetings of the Napa County Board of Supervisors.


Lake Berryessa Glory  Hole Spill Watch 2019



See my detailed report on how Lake Berryessa and Monticello Dam function at:



Special Release: New combined report for those who want to know almost everything about how Lake Berryessa works!

As Lake Berryessa Flows:

A Combination of Science, Engineering, and Natural Beauty

by Peter Kilkus

The Science and Engineering Elements of a Major Natural Resource

Download Full Report PDF Here...


Welcome to the best map of Lake Berryessa you’ll ever find!

Click on the map to see a larger version.

Click here to download a pdf copy.

1 Lake Map Base 082317


Lake Berryessa Fills and Glory Hole Spills: The Video History

This amazing series of Lake Berryessa News Drone videos by Evan Kilkus documents the 45 foot rise of Lake Berryessa in 2017.



Full lake level history 2015
Lake Levels 2006 to 031217 edited-1
Lake Levels 1990 2017



Berryessa Valley and the Town of Monticello Historical Photos and Videos from before Lake Berryessa covered it.

Berryessa Valley photo

Thanks to Carol Fitzpatrick for creating the Berryessa Valley Exhibit at the Spanish Flat Village Center described in the first video.




1958 - 2018

by Peter Kilkus


What Happened At Lake Berryessa? The Book! 

(Click to Download the PDF here)

Table Of Contents


Without THE LAKE BERRYESSA NEWS there would be no Lake Berryessa News…and finally there would be no definitive history of what happened at Lake Berryessa. Having participated directly for more than twenty years as an advocate for the lake in the fiasco that was the Bureau of Reclamation’s Visitor Services Plan, its farcical but tragic outcome, and the process of rebuilding, I have very strong views of the causes and results - supported by facts and data which were mostly obfuscated by the proponents of the destruction of the lake’s residential and business community.

The Bureau of Reclamation and their supporters destroyed family recreation at Lake Berryessa for a generation of families, children, and friends. Many people ask me about the history of the process that led to the present situation at Lake Berryessa. When I explain what happened most become incredulous and can't believe the government could have done something so stupid. "How could they have gotten away with that?" they exclaim.

The goal of this book is to provide the history and the context within which such an incredibly destructive course of action took place.

The initial timeline shows a condensed history of the process. The next section tells the story through the eyes of Lake Berryessa News articles. With the permission of the Napa Register, a parallel history is presented through contemporaneous editorials, articles, and letters to the editor from the Napa Register.

This book is not a traditional academic exercise in historical exposition. Academic historians define history as presenting facts without expressing any opinion or analysis of the events whereas memories are comprised of emotions that can have a great influence on the perception of an actual event. Critical historians live by the old saying of "there are two sides to every story and then there is the truth."

I’m more interested in the narrative approach to defining this history. Almost two decades have passed since this story began, and Lake Berryessa history has been created with every day of that twenty years.

This book is the raw, as-it-happened, unfiltered picture of what many of us lived through. It is organized chronologically; focused on a single coherent story; primarily descriptive but also analytical; primarily concerned with people but also the abstract circumstances in which they find themselves. To me a big part of the fascination with any history is trying to discover what was going on inside people's heads in the past, and what it was like to live in that past.

The future may finally looking brighter for Lake Berryessa or does it? History continues to unfold.

Peter Kilkus, Lake Beryessa, 2018


Here's an interview I did in 2010, three years after the interview below with Pat Monaghan and just after Pensus had been given the contract for 5 resorts. As we all know Pensus was subsequently kicked out in 2012.        

Here's a 2007 TV interview with Pat Monaghan, cofounder of Task Force 7 at Lake Berryessa, to give you some historical insight. Those of you who remember Pete Lucero will recognize his description of what we called "The Big Lie" - which turned into the "Epic Fail".

How It All Began: The Origins of the “Big Lie”

Lake Berryessa History Timeline: 1958 - 2018

Click here for PDF version

Lake Berryessa News (2010 - 2018): A VERY SLOW MOTION Disaster! 

Click here for PDF version


Some Interesting Past Stories

Lake Berryessa Glory Hole Swallows Senior Center Gambling Bus

Bird Goes Over the Glory Hole Waterfall Without A Barrel

Glory Hole: Awesome, Frightening, But Dangerous?

February 2019: 2nd Anniversary of Glory Hole Spilling

Moskowite Corners: A Landmark in Lake Berryessa History 

Gets A New Owner - Again!

My First Fishing Trip on Lake Berryessa

Silly Septic System Standards Harm Rural Napa

A Fishy Fishing Story at Lake Berryessa

Undercover agents and all…plus a new Fishing Guide Policy from Reclamation

Analysis of the Creation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument - the Dumbest National Monument in the United States

Lake Berryessa History: The Summer of Love (1967) versus The Summers of Chaos (1998-1999) 

Lake Berryessa 1998-1999 Rap Concerts

Rattlesnakes: Friend or Enemy – or just a primal fear?


Special Publications (PDF)

As Lake Berryessa Flows:

The Science and Engineering Elements of a Major Natural Resource (Combined Reports)

Combined Report Title Page and Index


As Lake Berryessa Flows: 

A Combination of Science, Engineering, and Natural Beauty 

(Single Report)


As Lake Berryessa Turns!

Temperature and Fishing in a Warm, Monomictic Lake 

(Single Report)  


Seeing Underwater at Lake Berryessa 

(Single Report)


The History of the Creation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument: The Ultimate Political Perversion of the Antiquities Act

By Peter Kilkus (6/20/17)

The Twisted Ten-Year Political Path From a Modest Nature Area Partnership to a Local Blue Ridge Berryessa National Conservation Area to a Large Disjointed Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area to an Incoherent Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.

Is it the “Dumbest National Monument in the United States”? An objective review of the process by which it was created and the final formal designation suggests the answer is YES. I personally support the creation of legitimate national monuments, but this is not that. Being part of the ten year political process that led to its creation convinced me that in many situations the Antiquities Act is being abused. The Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is a perfect case study of this abuse. 

Read the full report here.


Conspiracy Theory Or Automatic Pilot: The Economic Roots Of Environmental Destruction        

By Peter F. Kilkus 

Download PDF of this report (2 MB)


The Amazing Foods of Chef Neiman Marxist

Chef Neiman Marxist French


Winters Express logo

The Winters Express


Bird video

No on C - Oak Woodlands Initiative

ACDC Intros mix


Glory Hole Overflows

County Berryessa Map Lar

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