Special Event

"Bites & Bubbles" Open House 

Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall

Bites & Bubbles photo

Please join us at the Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall for a free a glass of champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Everyone is welcome. No age requirements. Families and children are especially encouraged to attend. Spread the word - ask your friends to come. See this great local resource for yourselves.

Saturday April 21st, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

The "Bites & Bubbles" Open House is meant to introduce the Lake Berryessa Community to this great facility at 4380 Spanish Flat Loop Road, only a short distance from the Spanish Flat Village Center. 

We will be serving Domaine Carneros 2012 Estate Brut Cuvée'. For those who enjoy wine talk: 

"The Domaine Carneros Estate Brut is a small cuvee comprised only of grapes grown in Domains Carneros vineyards. The wine was aged a full three plus years in Domaine Carneros cellars. Beautiful aromatic notes of fresh flowers, lychee, white peach and pear make this wine irresistible. The delicate nose belies the round, full palate and exceptionally creamy finish." 

Hors d'oeuvres by Marcia Ritz. Full bar will be in service. No outside beverages allowed.


See beautiful Pope Valley in the morning! 

Great Volunteer Fire Department.

2018 PVFD Pancake Breakfast


Lake Level as of 4/9/18

Lake Berryessa has risen to 434 feet above mean sea level (msl), only 6 feet below Glory Hole. That’s a 4.8 inch rise on the 1.15 inches of rain last week. The total rainfall stands at 14.29 inches.

Last year at this time the lake was still almost a foot above Glory Hole on 46.19 total inches of rain.    

lake level plot 04 17 to 04 18


2018 Recreation Season Begins at Lake Berryessa

The Bureau of Reclamation announces summer hours and programs for the 2018 recreation season at Lake Berryessa.

Reclamation Facilities are Open

Starting April 1, 2018, Park Rangers will staff the Dufer Point Visitor Center from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends and holidays. Stop-in with your questions about visiting the lake, volunteering with our new birding program, or upcoming events.

The north end of Oak Shores Day Use Area will re-open for day use on April 1. Oak Shores opens daily at 7:30 a.m. throughout the year and is free of charge.

Closing hours will gradually increase as follows:

April 1- May 4: 5 p.m. weekdays, 8 p.m. weekends.
May 5- September 30: 8 p.m. weekdays and weekends.
Once repaving is complete, the Capell Cove Boat Launch will be open from 4 a.m.-10 p.m. and is free of charge.

Make Your Reservations

Beginning May 1, 2018, Oak Shores Day Use Area offers six large group shade shelters at Acorn Beach, Foxtail Flat and Coyote Beach. Group shelters can be reserved for groups of up to 50 for $25, per shelter per day, at http://www.recreation.gov. For more information, or to organize a larger event, please contact the Lake Berryessa Park Ranger Office at 707-966-2111 ext. 113.

Markley Cove Resort, Pleasure Cove Marina, Steele Canyon Recreation Area, Putah Canyon Recreation Area, and Spanish Flat Recreation Area offer services including camping and boat launching. For information on concession-operated facilities, or to make reservations, please call the concession operators or visit their websites:

• Markley Cove, 707-966-2134, markleycoveresort.com

• Pleasure Cove Marina, 707-966-9600, goberryessa.com

• Steele Canyon Recreation Area, 707-966-9179


• Spanish Flat Recreation Area 707-966-0200, spanishflatcamping.com

• Putah Canyon Recreation Area, 707-966-9051, royalelkparkmanagement.com.

Plan for a Safe Visit

For those boating this year, familiarize yourself with the California Boater Card program. As of January 2018, boaters 20 years of age and under are required to possess a valid vessel operator card. Boaters may apply for the $10 card from the California Division of Boating and Waterways at: http://californiaboatercard.com/applynow/ .

All Coast Guard and State of California rules for navigation and boat operation apply and are strictly enforced by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office. For more information on preparing for a successful day on the water, read the Division of Boating and Waterways ABCs of California Boating which can be found at https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=28711

Here are some tips to stay safe in the water this summer:

• All swimming at Lake Berryessa is at your own risk.
• Never swim alone
• No lifeguards are present at Lake Berryessa
• Everyone should always wear life jackets and be supervised near water
• The reservoir bottom is uneven and features sudden drop-offs
• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that up to 70 percent of adult and adolescent water recreation deaths are alcohol related. Sun exposure and heat compound to intensify alcohol’s effect on balance, coordination and judgement, so please use caution. For more details: https://www.cdc.gov/…/water-sa…/waterinjuries-factsheet.html.

Both child and adult-sized life jackets are available for the public to borrow, free of charge, from Oak Shores Day Use Area.

Campfires are only permitted within campfire rings in established campgrounds. Personal charcoal barbecue grills are not allowed anywhere at Lake Berryessa. Those wishing to barbecue with charcoal must use the grills provided in established campgrounds and Day Use Areas. For more information on safely using campfires and barbecues this year, please visit: http://www.preventwildfireca.org.

Join the Fun

Reclamation is looking for motivated individuals to join our team of employees and volunteers who keep Lake Berryessa running throughout the year. Look for our job and volunteer announcements throughout the year at www.usajobs.gov and www.volunteer.gov.

For more information, please contact the Lake Berryessa Field Office at 707-966-2111 ext. 113, or visit the Lake Berryessa website athttps://www.usbr.gov/mp/ccao/berryessa/


Easter Sunday Falls on April Fool's Day This Year: 

A Spirit of Renewal Combined With A Sense of Humor Bodes Well For The Future of Lake Berryessa!

“Post-truth” and “fake news” have been etched, perhaps indelibly, on the public’s consciousness in the present political administration; each of them having been named phrases of the year by different dictionaries.

The Lake Berryessa News motto has always been, except for our "Horoscopes" and "Onion Headlines" that,"if you read it in the Lake Berryessa News, it must be true." The one exception has been for St. Stupid's Day on April 1 every year. That day the catch phrase is more like, "if you read it in the Lake Berryessa News it must at least be truthy."

"Truthiness" refers to the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true. Unfortunately, the difference can by difficult, if not impossible, for some to distinguish. How about you?

Fake news 2.0: personalized, optimized, and even harder to stop. Artificial intelligence will turn articles into "turdicles".


The University of Lake Berryessa (ULB) Wins Prestigious International Award For Recreation Innovation

One of the most elite educational institutions of which you have never heard was thrown into the international spotlight on April 1, 2018 when it was acknowledged for it cutting edge research and design of  new recreational products - not your ho-hum zip lines or lures to trick dumb fish.

ULB is located in several state-of-the-art underground facilities below Big Island. The Below the Universtity of Lake Berryessa facilities, often refered to as the BULB by staff, itelf has a very secret area, designated the "Light BULB", where the most blue sky (blue water in this case) reseach is performed.

Over the years ULB has allowed the Lake Berryessa News access to review and publish its research. The following projects were first reported  by the Lake Berryessa News and indicate the broad range of innovation which allowed ULB to beat other competitors such as Hogwarts.

Light BULB Quantum Computing Department Initiates USB Wine Delivery

Light BULB Physicists Develop Slow Glass Farm on Big Island

ULB Floating Native American Casino Coming to Lake Berryessa

ULB Eco-Tourism Proposal: Making Berryessa Peak Accessible By Zip Line

Lake Berryessa Snowfall Sparks ULB/Pensus Plans for Indoor Ski Hill

Light BULB Genetically-Engineers Miniature Freshwater Ocean Sport Fish

BULB Introduces New Weather Radar & RFD Chip Fish Finder

Apple Corporation, ULB, and the Pensus Group Develop First iResort!

Hikers, Bikers, Horseback Riders, and Lawnmower Racers all agree on ULB Proposal For Trail Around The Lake

ULB Study Finds Newborn Infants Can Tell If Parents Are Losers

Bureau of Reclamation Releases Final ULB Plan to Raise Monticello Dam

The ULB Genetic Engineering Department has successfully grown “superworms” which are 6’ long and approximately 2’ in diameter to enhance vermicomposting of green waste.


History of Adventure at Lake Berryessa: 

A Tale of Two Aircraft Tragedies - Twenty Years Apart

by Peter Kilkus

I was contacted by Cassandra Herrman a few weeks ago. Cassandra told me she had not been to Lake Berryessa in 20 years - since her father, Bob Herrman, was killed in a tragic biplane crash off the shore of Rancho Monticello on Saturday,  March 14, 1998. She wished to have a quiet remembrance here at the lake on the anniversary of his death. It struck me that seeking adventure and exceptional life experiences also entails acceptance of risk.

Sometimes adventurous people live to be more than 90 years old. And sometimes they don’t! But even those who don’t seem to have enjoyed every minute of what they had because of the sense of adventure that defined their lives. I don’t recall the accident that killed Bob Herrman. But 20 years later his daughter caused me to relive it. And it obviously brought to mind the tragic crash of an ICON A5 on Monday, May 8, 2017 - a plane I had just flown the previous Friday - in which two people were also killed. The pilot of the ICON A5 was a legendary pilot and aircraft designer - John Karkow. Their stories are connected by Lake Berryessa and history.


Robert Herrman (1937-1998)

Custom Biplane Adventure

Stories from his childhood reveal unmistakable hints of an early obsession with planes and trains. As a kid, he used to sneak away at every chance to a local airport, built a makeshift helicopter in an attempt to (unsuccessfully) launch himself off the family garage, started a stock car racing club.

Bob's legitimate flying career began when he was selected as a pilot for the Marine Corps VMA 331 Squadron flying A4's on the Aircraft Carrier Forrestal. On June 7, 1965, Bob joined TWA as a commercial pilot and in a small way the airline would never be the same.

young Bob pilot

Although we can neither confirm nor deny the incident in which Bob had the cockpit crew don Burger King hats and post a ''For Sale: 1-800-Call Carl'' sign in the 1011 window (as a snub to then corporate raider Carl Icahn), his distinguished record and unquestionable dedication to TWA saved him from this and other alleged antics.

On August 3rd, 1997, he retired as Captain of the Lockheed 1011, after a 32 year career and six million miles in the air.

It’s difficult to choose which was a more colorful highlight of Bob's life: his in-flight wedding to Kaye in the Eagle (guests listened to the ceremony from the Vianssa winery) and reception on the Napa Valley Wine Train or his retirement celebration 4 years later.

Bob flying inside Eagle

Organized by Kaye, his gift was a cross-country train trip thrown as an ongoing surprise party. Starting in Chicago and ending in Victoria, B.C., Bob's friends and family secretly boarded the train or popped up in disguise along the way as waiters, outlaws, a homeless person and a mugger. 

eagle biplanes

Not one to take ''retirement'' literally, Bob's post­TWA career included welding Southwestern metal sculptures, and the meticulous restoration of a vintage railcar which he planned to inaugurate on a group trip through Mexico. In addition to these many pursuits, the relocation of the Eagle to the Nut Tree Airport allowed Bob to fly more frequently and form many new friendships. Bob's final flight was on March 14, 1998 in his beloved Eagle with longtime friend Mike Bullock. When looking back over the course of his life, he will be remembered for his unique sense of humor, his devotion to family and friends,  and most of all, his passion for life itself.

Pages from Crash Mar24-2


Jon Karkow (1962-2017)

ICON Aircraft: High Tech Adventure

The crash of an ICON A5 at Lake Berryessa on May 8, 2017, killing two people, Jon Karkow and Cargi Sever, was also a personal shock to me since the A5 that went down was the one I had just flown the previous Friday.

The pilot of the crashed aircraft, Jon Karkow, was a superstar of aeronautical research and development and had spent 21 years in aircraft development at Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites and over that time rightfully earned the reputation as the most accomplished aeronautical engineer and project engineer in the history of Scaled.

Karkow helmet

He led more than 20 aircraft programs and five complete airplanes including the record-breaking, around-the-world Virgin GlobalFlyer that won him a 2006 Aeronautics Laureate Award from Aviation Week & Space Technology.

 Most recently, he served as the Technical Program Manager for Richard Branson's commercial space program SpaceShipTwo. He was an active pilot and experimental test pilot with instrument, multi-engine, seaplane, helicopter, and glider ratings.

Jon dedicated the last ten years of his career to ICON and the A5. His unwavering goal was to build a production aircraft that embodied the essence of his love and passion for flying and adventure. 

Jon led the ground-breaking safety innovation around the A5’s Spin Resistant Airframe design, which made the A5 the first conventional production aircraft in history to meet the FAA Part 23 spin-resistance standard - a monumental aeronautical achievement that was nominated for the Collier Trophy in 2016.

Karkow biplane

He was a truly brilliant engineer, passionate aviator, tireless worker, and loyal friend. The A5 represented his vision for the joy of flying in its purest form – it was his final gift to aviation.

Peter in ICON A5


Silverado Country Club Proposes Floating Golf Course at 

Monticello Shores Recreation Area

The Ragatz RFII mentioned the possibility of creating a 9-hole golf course somewhere at the lake as a future amenity. Since Monticello Shores is the largest property available for bid, it will probably be the location for that course. 

Although all RFII and RFP proceedings are confidential, for reasons published in the February issue, private sources tell the Lake Berryessa News that this proposal is feasible. 

But the interesting element of the proposal is that, although it will be designated as a 9-hole course, it will actually consist of 13 par 3 holes - 4 of which will be floating in Lake Berryessa! Players can choose a 9 dry hole course (holes 2,4,6,8 left on land) or the more challenging 5 dry, 4 wet hole course (holes 2,4,6,8 right on floating greens). 

Access to the floating greens will be by pedestrian bridge or shuttle boat. This layout will definitely draw golfers seeking a unique challenge.

floating green


Ivnow Binhad Business College of the University of Lake Berryessa Bets On Seahorse Racing

“It’s one of those ideas that’ll sink or swim, but we’re delighted to be the first sponsor to take the plunge. The little guys are tough to train and their tiny saddles keeping falling off, but I reckon we’ve backed a winner since the race tracks are so small they can fit on a standard size bar at any of the future Lake Berryessa resorts,” an IBBC-ULB spokesman says. “Despite initial challenges with training we’ve found them to be one of the most competitive species on the planet.” 

seahorse racing


Lake Level as of 3/29/18

Lake Berryessa has risen 1.8 feet during the last week to 433.6 feet - 6.4 feet below Glory Hole due to the week’s rainfall of 1.98 inches. 

The rainfall total is now at 13.14 inches. It is highly unlikely that the level will reach Glory Hole this year since the weather is starting to warm up and there is no rain in the forecast. BUT this is a very good level for this time of year, even though the lake didn’t go over Glory Hole.


Job Opening - Local - Marine Repair Tech Wanted

Berryessa Boat - Jet Ski - UTV - ATV - RV Repair and Storage is gearing up for another busy repair season and is looking to hire another repair technician. If you have repair experience give us a call. Looking to fill a position as Marine Technician or an Entry Level position. Experience in marine and/or automotive repair a plus! Willing to train the right person. 

Call and talk to Jerry at the shop for more information: 707-966-9954 

or Marty cell: 707-480-4157. 

Or pass this along if you know someone who may be interested.



Sandwiches By Drone at Lake Berryessa

The Spanish Flat Country Store & Deli will introduce a new drone sandwich delivery service this summer. Well-known as the best sandwich shop (and general store) at Lake Berryessa, owner Marcia Ritz believes this delivery innovation will allow campers at the west shore resorts to easily enjoy her sandwiches. 

Marcia in store drone


Lake Berryessa Boat & Jet Ski Rentals Introduces New BUber Service

Taking a cue from how Uber and Lyft have expanded, Marty Rodden, always an innovator in recreation services, will institute his Boat-Uber on April 1, 2018. He will have a roving fleet of wakeboard boats and jet skis out on Lake Berryessa on weekends which can be called to shore using a simple cell phone app. The boats will only be available for 1 - 2 hours at a time at premium prices, but this simplifies the rental process for those willing to save precious recreation minutes.

BUber also has an agreement with the Spanish Flat Country Store and Deli to provide drone food delivery services to the quiet spots along the west shore for customers to combine no-hassle boating and shoreline picnicking. Their customer service motto is,

 “It’s simply a matter of money!”


1085 Headlands Apr2018


Berryessa Highlands Reaches a FireSafe Milestone: 

200 Days of CAL Fire Delta Crew Defensible Space Work Since 2011

The Berryessa Highlands Fire Safe Council would like to thank all that have contributed to protecting our neighborhood. After 7 seasons and 200 crew days, we have now worked around every edge, corner, street and cul-de-sac. While there will always be more work to do, what has been done has created a safe and beautiful forest community for all of us to enjoy!

Stephen Gort of Circle Oaks and Napa Communities  Firewise Foundation helped guide us and get us off to a great start.

The Circle Oaks FSC and John Hallman with the Berryessa Estates FSC were fantastic role models for us, showing our community that in time, great things can be accomplished.

The Napa County Board of Supervisors recognized this need and provided just enough funding each year to get plenty done!

Each member of the BHFSC has contributed over the years keeping this team going strong. Thank you Susan, Jim, Jerry, Larry, Marc, Evan, Debbie, Don, Carl, Cynthia, and the late Wendy Wallin.

The CAL Fire Chiefs and Captains that did the paperwork and found ways and funding to support the work and make it happen!

The CAL Fire firefighters who worked overtime the first few years to help supervise crews and get the projects off to a safe start.

Napa County Roads, BOR, and NBRID have all been fantastic partners supporting the work however and whenever they could.

Berryessa Highlands Residents, for putting up with the work, temporary brush piles, and burn pile smoke, and better yet for learning from the crew work and doing bulk brush removal on their own properties.  Every single resident in the neighborhood has contributed to this effort!

The Delta Crew CAL Fire Captains, for going to work every day with a bunch of inmates, which can sometimes be less than pleasant, but every day their results are priceless.

And of course thanks to the CAL Fire Delta Crews, for doing whatever work we find for them, no mater how steep, slippery, wet, hot, cold, or covered in poison oak it may be.  These guys are "inmates", but bigger than that they are guys that want a chance to do right and help communities.

Thank you all from the bottom of our 1000 Berryessa Highlands hearts!


CeCe Apr2018a


Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall

Calendar of Events

Saturday, April 21: Bites & Bubbles: Free Champagne and appetizer open house for local residents to experience the Lake Berryessa Senior Center and Community Hall hosted by the Board of Directors. Pool table donated by Ken Becker should be available for play.

Saturday, May 19: Free May dinner hosted by Terri Lee and Pastor Bob.

Saturday & Sunday, June 2 & 3: Parking lot furniture sale. Looking for donations of "in good condition" indoor furnishings, outdoor patio furniture, yard art & tools. Please contact CeCe Short for details @ 707 337 0224

Saturday, June 16: Free Barbecue and Horseshoe Tournament hosted by Carl Peterson and Les Carpenter.
July/August: Wednesdays at 6 PM, 7/11 to 8/29 - Bingo and Poker nights hosted by Pat Conkright.

Saturday, July 21: Free Dinner - Open for volunteer cooks.

Saturday, August 18: Free Dinner - Open for volunteer cooks.

Saturday, September 15: Free Dinner - Open for volunteer cooks.

Saturday, October 20: Free Dinner - Open for volunteer cooks.

Saturday, November 17: Free Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Marcia Ritz.

Saturday, December 15: Free Christmas Dinner hosted by Marcia Ritz.


CeCe furniture ad


April, 2018

LBNews Pg 8&1 Apr18

Click above to download this issue…


Welcome to the best map of Lake Berryessa you’ll ever find!

Click on the map to see a larger version.

Click here to download a pdf copy.

1 Lake Map Base 082317


Lake Berryessa Fills and Glory Hole Spills: The Video History

This amazing series of Lake Berryessa News Drone videos by Evan Kilkus documents the 45 foot rise of Lake Berryessa in 2017.



Full lake level history 2015
Lake Levels 2006 to 031217 edited-1



Berryessa Valley and the Town of Monticello Historical Photos and Videos from before Lake Berryessa covered it.

Berryessa Valley photo

Thanks to Carol Fitzpatrick for creating the Berryessa Valley Exhibit at the Spanish Flat Village Center described in the first video.




1958 - 2018

by Peter Kilkus

How Could the Government Have Done Something So Stupid?

Download a PDF of the first 180 pages of the book here....



Without THE LAKE BERRYESSA NEWS there would be no Lake Berryessa News…and finally there would be no definitive history of what happened at Lake Berryessa. Having participated directly for more than twenty years as an advocate for the lake in the fiasco that was the Bureau of Reclamation’s Visitor Services Plan, its farcical but tragic outcome, and the process of rebuilding, I have very strong views of the causes and results - supported by facts and data which were mostly obfuscated by the proponents of the destruction of the lake’s residential and business community.

The Bureau of Reclamation and their supporters destroyed family recreation at Lake Berryessa for a generation of families, children, and friends. Many people ask me about the history of the process that led to the present situation at Lake Berryessa. When I explain what happened most become incredulous and can't believe the government could have done something so stupid. "How could they have gotten away with that?" they exclaim.

The goal of this book is to provide the history and the context within which such an incredibly destructive course of action took place.

The initial timeline shows a condensed history of the process. The next section tells the story through the eyes of Lake Berryessa News articles. With the permission of the Napa Register, a parallel history is presented through contemporaneous editorials, articles, and letters to the editor from the Napa Register.

This book is not a traditional academic exercise in historical exposition. Academic historians define history as presenting facts without expressing any opinion or analysis of the events whereas memories are comprised of emotions that can have a great influence on the perception of an actual event. Critical historians live by the old saying of "there are two sides to every story and then there is the truth."

I’m more interested in the narrative approach to defining this history. Almost two decades have passed since this story began, and Lake Berryessa history has been created with every day of that twenty years.

This book is the raw, as-it-happened, unfiltered picture of what many of us lived through. It is organized chronologically; focused on a single coherent story; primarily descriptive but also analytical; primarily concerned with people but also the abstract circumstances in which they find themselves. To me a big part of the fascination with any history is trying to discover what was going on inside people's heads in the past, and what it was like to live in that past.

The future is finally looking brighter for Lake Berryessa. History continues to unfold.

Peter Kilkus, Lake Beryessa, 2018


Table Of Contents

Lake Berryessa History Timeline

How It All Began: The Origins of the “Big Lie”

Will History Repeat Itself In Reverse? What Happened in 1975?

Notice of Intent: Solano Project--Lake Berryessa; Napa, California

The “Big Lie” Continues: Task Force 7 Protests Reclamation’s Unjustified Negative Propaganda

The Facts Fight Back: What You Need to Know About the Battle for Berryessa

Local Businesses Fight Back: Chamber of Commerce Critique of Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Residents Fight Back: More Than 900 Unleash Scorn on Reclamation Plan

The Perversiopn of Public Law 96-375: Demolition Hardball by the Bureau of Reclamation

Reclamation Defends Unjust Requirement to Demolish ALL Existing Facilities At Lake Berryessa

The Pensus Years: The Lake Berryessa News View

Pensus: The Short Story That Was Actually A Fantasy

Pensus Signs Berryessa Contract – Begins Facilities Development – Announces Resort Openings

Springtime at Lake Berryessa: Pensus in Bloom?

They’re Off Like a Herd of Turtles! Bureaucracy at Berryessa

Lake Berryessa: When Do Past Memories Actually Become “HISTORY”?

Goodbye 2011: Another Year of Process Without Progress! Will 2012 Be Any Better?

A Lake Berryessa Midsummer Night’s Dream (With Apologies to William Shakespeare)

Applehood and Mother Pie! What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and Why

Catch-22: The Bureaucratic Double Bind Theory in Practice

Seasons, Cycles, and Radical Change: Chaos Theory - Lake Berryessa Style

Floundering About at Lake Berryessa (This is not a fishing story.)

SNAFU, FUBAR and BOHICA: Deciphering Berryessa’s Ancient Rock Sculpture at Steele Park

Feds Final Folly: The Destruction of Steele Park - Public Law 96-375’s Unintended Consequence

A Modest Radical Proposal: Transfer Management of Lake Berryessa to Napa County

A Path Forward To Revitalize Lake Berryessa: Fire The Feds!

Open Letter to the Federal Government: Get Out of Lake Berryessa!

Napa County and the Bureau of Reclamation: Working Together to Rebuild Lake Berryessa?

Will 2017 Be Lake Berryessa's Lucky Year?

Milestone Achieved! A Positive Report on the Potential Future Rebirth of Lake Berryessa!

The Future of Lake Berryessa Looks Brighter, But The Sun Also Rises A Bit Slowly

Napa County Releases Lake Berryessa Request For Information & Interest

Lake Berryessa History Through Napa Register Articles    

Lake Berryessa History Through Napa Register Editorials

Dueling Napa Register Letters To The Editor 


Here's an interview I did in 2010, three years after the interview below with Pat Monaghan and just after Pensus had been given the contract for 5 resorts. As we all know Pensus was subsequently kicked out in 2012.        

Here's a 2007 TV interview with Pat Monaghan, cofounder of Task Force 7 at Lake Berryessa, to give you some historical insight. Those of you who remember Pete Lucero will recognize his description of what we called "The Big Lie" - which turned into the "Epic Fail".


Some Interesting Past Stories

A Tale of Two Aircraft Tragedies - Twenty Years Apart

Reclamation Releases Final Environmental Assessment (EA) For Lake Berryessa Recreation Areas Development

"Holes In History" at Lake Berryessa: Simple Incompetence, Fervent Ignorance, Malicious Arrogance

Who Will Run The New Lake Berryessa Resorts?

2017: The Year In Review Through Lake Berryessa News Headlines

Christmas Calls To Action For The Survival 

Of The Human Race

The Great Lake Berryessa (Atlas) Fire of 2017

Atlas Fire Timeline From The Berryessa Highlands

What Is That Red Stuff Falling From The Sky?

Circle Oaks Fire - The Great Escape

Lake Berryessa Boater Outreach Program: Summer 2017

Download full report pdf here...

Lake Berryessa 1971: Controversy Begins (Oakland Tribune)

My First Fishing Trip on Lake Berryessa

The Destruction of Steele Park Resort

Analysis of the Creation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument - the Dumbest National Monument in the United States

Napa County Wildfire Awareness Resources

Lake Berryessa History: The Summer of Love (1967) versus The Summers of Chaos (1998-1999) 

Exciting New Game Fishing Opportunity at Lake Berryessa

Rattlesnakes: Friend or Enemy – or just a primal fear?

Algae at Lake Berryessa


Special Publications

Final Ragatz Report (75MB PDF)

Ragatz Summary Recommendations (75 KB PDF)


Conspiracy Theory Or Automatic Pilot: The Economic Roots Of Environmental Destruction        

By Peter F. Kilkus 

Download PDF of this report (2 MB)


The Amazing Foods of Chef Neiman Marxist

Chef Neiman Marxist French rev1


Winters Express logo

The Winters Express




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