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The Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce

Dear Chamber Members and Potential Chamber Members,

2019 will soon be here and it will time to pay your annual dues. Thanks for your support during the last year. Significant progress has been made towards having Napa County take over management of the lake recreation areas. The Chamber has had a major influence in making this happen. 

Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce

Spanish Flat Village Center

Unit # 9318

Napa , CA 94558

The Chamber’s tourist information program includes our partnership with Visit Napa Valley including our own Lake Berryessa page on the excellent Visit Napa Valley website: Our own page is at: The Napa Valley Guidebook is distributed nationwide and can be viewed online by potential visitors at:

The Chamber will also continually promote Lake Berryessa and its businesses in the Lake Berryessa News and on the Chamber web page on the Lake Berryessa News web site: 

Thanks for your support,

Chamber Board 2018: Peter Kilkus (President), Craig Morton (Vice-President), Bob Lee (Secretary/Treasurer), Jerry Rehmke, Paul Quarneri, Tracy Renee 


As a service to our members the Chamber, thanks to Bob Lee, has created an Americans With Disabilities information packet to help you understand your responsibilities and avoid professional litigants. 

Dear Chamber Members,

In our ongoing efforts to promote and safeguard businesses in the Lake Berryessa area we wish to inform you of research the Chamber has been doing regarding the use of local businesses by people falling within the protections of the American Disability Act (ADA). In the last year or so a number of Napa businesses have been sued for violations of the ADA Act.

Attached part of an article from the Napa Register published on Oct. 1, 2016. You will see that twenty Napa businesses were sued and another four in American Canyon. Also attached is a list of the 10 most common violations of businesses per the ADA. Each suit carries a minimum of a $4,000 fine not including the cost of the repairs.

The Chamber wishes to educate our local business owners of the potential for this type of action and ways to protect their business via compliance with ADA law. We have attached information from the website of the Department of Justice which administers the ADA act. It is located at A phone number for information is 800-514-0383.

We have included the ADA Primer for Small Business which provides the basic information a business owner needs to know to evaluate their business for ADA compliance. There is a page titled Steps For Success which will guide you in assessing your business and information on tax credits for ADA compliance.

As of March 15, 2012 revised laws for ADA compliance went into effect and are the current laws governing businesses in California. Please review this information and contact the United States Department of Justice for extensive information on the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Chamber hopes this information will help you in your business success.


The Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce

Peter Kilkus, President; Bob Lee, Vice-President; Jerry Rehmke, Treasurer; Craig Morton; Marcia Ritz; Paul Quarneri

You can download the full report here


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