Table of Contents

Policy and Politics Betray the People

The Lake Berryessa Saga: 1958 - 2020

by Peter Kilkus


I.          The Five Tragedies of the Berryessa Valley: A History of Heartbreak

·       The First Tragedy: The Destruction of Native American Culture

·       The Second Tragedy: Destruction of Spanish Culture

·       The Third Tragedy: Destruction of Rural Culture

·       The Fourth Tragedy: Destruction of Family Recreation Culture

·       The Fifth Tragedy: Opportunity, Irony, Tragedy, Recovery

II.        Lake Berryessa Political History Timeline

III.       The Big Lie: How It All Began

IV.       The Big Fail: Napa Abandons Lake Berryessa (1975)

V.         The Big Picture: Lake Berryessa Issues: 1957 - 2012

VI.       The Big Illusion: Notice of Intent

VII.      The Big Fight: Facts Do Matter

·       The Facts

·       Chamber of Commerce Businesses Fight Back

·       Residents Fight Back

·       City of Winters Fights Back

VIII.     The Big Betrayal: Perversion of Public Law 96-375

·       Public Law 96-375

·       Congressional History

IX.       The Big Mistake: Pensus - The Beginning That Was The End!

·       The Short Story That Was Actually A Fantasy

·       They‘re Off Like a Herd of Turtles! Bureaucracy at Berryessa

·       Springtime at the Lake: Pensus in Bloom?

·       Bureaucratic Wheel-Spinning

·       When Does History Actually Become “HISTORY”?

·       A Berryessa Midsummer Night‘s Dream - With Apologies to William Shakespeare)

·       Applehood and Mother Pie! What‘s Right, What’s Wrong, Why

·       Pensus Tries A Little Bit Harder, But Gets No Respect

·       Catch-22: The Bureaucratic Double Bind Theory in Practice

·       Seasons, Cycles, Radical Change: Chaos Theory - Berryessa Style

·       Floundering About at Lake Berryessa (Not a fishing story.)

·       Deciphering Berryessa‘s Ancient Rock Sculpture at Steele Par.

·       A Sense of Place: Naming the Lake Berryessa Resorts

·       Feds Final Folly: The Destruction of Steele Park Resort

·       A Perfect Storm of Disappointment for Lake Berryessa!

X.        The “Big Hole in History”: Post-Pensus Blues

·       A “Modest” Proposal: Give Lake Berryessa to Napa County

·       A Path Forward To Revitalize Lake Berryessa: Fire The Feds!

·       Open Letter to the Federal Government: Get Out of Lake Berryessa

·       Will 2017 Be Lake Berryessa’s Lucky Year?

·       Positive Report on the Future Rebirth of Lake Berryessa!

·       The Future Looks Brighter, But The Sun Also Rises (A Bit Slowly)

·       Napa Releases Lake Berryessa Request For Information & Interest

·       “Holes In History” at Lake Berryessa

·       Revitalizing Lake Berryessa - Idling Towards Home

·       Beating A Dead Horse With A Stick OR...

·       Time Warp Moment - The 2020-something Schedule

·       Napa County Frustrated by Reclamation Stalling Tactics

·       Promise of the Christmas Gift of Revitalization

·       MPA Signed But Revitalization Delayed Again

·       Opportunity, Irony, Tragedy, Recovery - The Lake Berryessa  Cycle?

Addendum 1. Napa Register Letters

·       Return Lake Berryessa to the taxpayers: March, 2001

·       Mobile owners want to make Berryessa better: December, 2001

·       Give public access to Lake Berryessa, February, 2002

·       Trailer ownership at Lake Berryessa defended: March, 2002

·       Don’t let feds destroy Berryessa homes: April, 2003

·       Lake plan should keep mobile homes: August, 2003

·       Private access to Berryessa is wrong: September, 2003

·       Return Berryessa to the public: December, 2003

·       Berryessa plans fall short: February, 2004

·       Drop Enviro-Elitism at Lake Berryessa: March, 2005

·       Majority opposes Reclamation plan: November, 2005

·       Children ask “Why’d they take our lake?” June, 2007

·       Present vs. Past: Bureau must answer for Lake Berryessa

·       Flaws in Reclamation‘s plans for the lake: April, 2009

Addendum 2. The Napa Register View

·       Reclamation to revamp lake shoreline: February, 2001

·       Trailer owners offer blueprint for the future: December, 2003

·       Crowd tells feds not to move Berryessa trailers: January, 2004

·       Mobile home people challenge feds re economy: December, 2004

·       Trailers ousted from lake: June, 2006

·       Resorts begin to close, owners angry, future grim: June, 2008

·       Deal signed for six Berryessa resorts: April, 2010

·       Feds terminate Pensus resort contract: December, 2012

·       Latest Berryessa resort rejuvenation effort fails: February, 2016

·       Napa moving closer to reviving Berryessa resorts: October, 2018

·       County moves to revive Berryessa resorts: November, 2019

·       County reaches Berryessa resort management deal: March, 2020

Acknowledgement: What Is Napalachia?                       © Peter Kilkus 2021