Berryessa Bowl Story

The Lake Berryessa Bowl

The Lake Berryessa Bowl was an outdoor music venue just below Turtle Rock. During the summer months in the second half of the 1960s many local and national groups appeared at the venue. It was large enough to host Alice Cooper and The Grateful Dead.

The Grand Opening was on May 30, 1968 and featured Loading Zone, Overbrook Express, H.P. Lovecraft, Transmatic Experience, The Mojo, and the Spiders. First 50 girls got in free! Hit records given away! Price $2.50. Hours 9 PM- 1 AM.  The few neighbors must have loved it. May have been good for Turtle Rock too.

The poster shows other bands which were coming: Sly and the Family Stone, Sons of Champlin, Roger Collins, and Fever Tree. Alice Cooper played on June 1, 1968. Santana was there on July 20, 1968.

Apr 18, 2020              

to Pkilkus

Hello Peter~

I saw your webpage write-up about the Berryessa Bowl.  My band, The Overbrook Express, shown on the opening weekend poster on your page played there and I wanted to add a comment.  You stated that Santana played there on May 20 (68).  Actually, they filled in on our second night there, May 31, for who I don’t know - but someone cancelled that night and they substituted.  They were called the Santana Blues Band then. I remember them well because Carlos Santana offered me 500 hits of acid if I would trade my Gibson guitar to him.......I passed on the offer. Anyway, thought you might want to know the played on our second night there.  Cheers, Rich Irwin                       © Peter Kilkus 2021