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The Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce

Dear Chamber Members and Potential Chamber Members,

2021 is here and we hope for a recovery from the tragedies of 2020. Significant progress has been made towards having Napa County take over management of the lake recreation areas. Napa has signed a Managing Partner Agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation and took over management of Steele Canyon, Spanish Flat, and Monticello Shores Recreation Area  on November 1, 2020. The Chamber has had a major influence in making this happen. The bids to revitalize three of the lake resorts are due on March 2, 2021.

March 2, 2021 RFP Submittals Due by 12:00 pm PST

March/April, 2021 Concessionaire Selection and Negotiations

May, 2021 County and USBR Approval of Concession Award(s)

The Chamber’s tourist information program includes our partnership with Visit Napa Valley including our own Lake Berryessa page on the excellent Visit Napa Valley website: Our own page is at:

The Chamber will also continually promote Lake Berryessa and its businesses in the Lake Berryessa News and on the Chamber web page on the Lake Berryessa News web site: 

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Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce

c/o Peter Kilkus 

1515 Headlands Drive

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Chamber Board 2021: Peter Kilkus (President), Craig Morton (Vice-President), Bob Lee (Secretary/Treasurer), Jerry Rehmke, Paul Quarneri, Tracy Renee 


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