Solano County Water Agency CORKs Glory Hole

Solano County Water Agency Introduces the Circular Output Restrictor Kit (CORK) Water Saver

There has been a consistent rumor over the years that there is a plan to raise Monticello Dam. It never happened and never will. A simpler approach to storing more water in Lake Berryessa would be to raise Glory Hole itself by installing movable gates that could be raised and lowered as necessary to impound more water during the rainy season.

Raising Glory Hole by 5 feet to 445’ would increase Lake Berryesssa storage by approximately 100,000 acre-feet without significantly affecting facilities along the shoreline. The highest the lake level has ever reached was 446.7 feet in 1983, and it has exceeded 440 feet only 26 times during the last 60 years. According ro rhe Solano County Water Agency (SCWA) this is not often enough to justify the expense of installing this type of control device on Glory Hole.

However, sources tell the Lake Berryessa News that the Solano County Water Agency, in cooperation with University of Lake Berryessa engineers, has developed a simpler alternative - the Circular Output Restrictor Kit - easier to use and more in keeping with the wine country vibe of the area. The Lake Berryessa News has obtained a photo of the new device which may be introduced on April 1.

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