Floating Golf Course

New Resort Concessioner Proposes Floating Golf Course at Monticello Shores Recreation Area

The Ragatz Report, LAKE BERRYESSA - AN UNTAPPED RESORT DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY which identified the value of Lake Berryessa as a major recreation opportunity for investors mentioned the possibility of creating a 9-hole golf course somewhere at the lake as a future amenity. Since Monticello Shores is the largest property available for bid, it would probably be the location for that course. 

Although all RFII and RFP proceedings are confidential, for reasons published in the February issue, private sources tell the Lake Berryessa News that this proposal is feasible. It will be designed and constructed with the University of Lake Berryessa Advanced Projects Division whichj has decades of experience in applying cutting edge technology to projects like these.

But the interesting element of the proposal is that, although it will be designated as a 9-hole course, it will actually consist of 13 par 3 holes - 4 of which will be floating in Lake Berryessa! Players can choose a 9 dry hole course (holes 2,4,6,8 left on land) or the more challenging 5 dry, 4 wet hole course (holes 2,4,6,8 right on floating greens). 

Access to the floating greens will be by pedestrian bridge or shuttle boat. This layout will definitely draw golfers seeking a unique challenge.

Below: Example of floating green

Floating green1
Monticello Shores Concept Diagram Golf

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