Tesla’s Quantum Tachyon Mirror

Quantum Tachyon Mirror Reversal Ray Wreaks Havoc at Lake Berryessa!

University of Lake Berryessa scientists are puzzled by an increasing incidence of strange anomalies in their research facilities under Big Island.

The first anomaly occurred in their design laboratory fish tanks. ULB geneticists, as reported in the Lake Berryessa News last April 1, have continued their efforts to perfect smaller freshwater versions of larger ocean game fish such as marlin. Several weeks ago the fish were found to be swimming backwards! A bit later they were actually swimming backwards and upside down. This situation lasted for most of the day and returned to normal with sunset.

About the same time, and still continuing, the Lake Berryessa News offices were affected by random glitches to advertising and story files. Sometimes a story became garbled or an add turned into a mirror-image of itself. Since the final page files of this April 1 issue will be transmitted electronically to the Davis Enterprise for printing, it is unclear what the final printed copy of the paper will look like.

Further investigation by ULB physicists seems to point to the culprit as being a military research coalition between China and North Korea. Indications are that the Lake Berryessa area is being targeted by an electromagnetic field transmitted through the earth as first postulated by Nikola Tesla in the late 19th century. Tesla discovered that electrical energy can be transmitted through the earth and the atmosphere. In the course of his research he successfully lit lamps at moderate distances and was able to detect the transmitted energy at much greater distances.

Tesla believed it practical to disturb, by means of powerful machines, the electrostatic conditions of the earth, and thus transmit intelligible signals, and, perhaps, power to produce a disturbance perceptible at a great distance, or even all over the surface of the earth. People would walk near his lab, and sparks would jump up from the ground to their feet, through the soles of their shoes. Sometimes the grass around his lab would glow with an eerie blue corona.

Tesla in lightning
Tesla tower

There is an anecdotal belief among Americans that if you dig a hole deep enough, eventually you would come out in China. This is not true because if you dig straight down and through the exact center of the earth from Lake Berryessa, you'd come out in the Indian Ocean. This location is called the antipode. Two points which are antipodal to one another are connected by a straight line through the center of the Earth.

The following web sites will find the antipode of any point on the earth. They’re fun to play with. Only 12% of points on land have another point on land as an antipode. The Earth really is a water world.



However, if you go straight through the earth’s axis at the same latitude in the Northern Hemisphere from Lake Berryessa you actually come out in the Yellow Sea near Dalian, China, which is the southernmost city of Northeast China. It is also relatively close to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

You can learn this by going to another couple of fun web sites to learn your actual GPS coordinates at http://www.longitude-latitude-maps.com/

Then after you find your own latitude and longitude, you can put in the opposite longitude and see what is on the exact other side of the Earth at http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html.

Dalian location final

It is not too much of a stretch to believe that Lake Berryessa is being used as an out-of-the-way target for rays transmitted through the Earth from China. High-energy physics experiments during the last few years have brought scientists closer to understanding even more about quantum physics and time reversal so this Quantum Tachyon Mirror Reversal Ray appears to be gaining in effectiveness.

 Neither China nor North Korea have returned urgent calls from the Lake Berryessa News. Is Lake Berryessa is being used as an out-of-the-way target for rays transmitted through the Earth? Hopefully these rays don’t garble the Lake Berryessa News and interfere with your enjoyment of this special April 1 issue.

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