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Exciting New Game Fishing Opportunity at Lake Berryessa

Genetic engineers at the University of Lake Berryessa have teamed up with scientists from the California Department of Fish and Game to create a new class of sport fishing at the lake. Although anglers love the trout, bass, kokanee, catfish, and crappie fishing at Lake Berryessa, new biological research will bring the excitement of deep sea ocean fishing to large freshwater lakes.

Genetically-modified saltwater ocean species such as Marlin and Dorado have been developed which can thrive in fresh water environments. The only difference is that the selected test species have been tailored to their more limited environments by controlling size.

Blue marlin are possibly the most sought-after marlin species. Beautiful in form, capable of spectacular fighting ability and having the potential to reach great sizes, blue marlin have inspired and continue to inspire the dedicated pursuit of thousands of skippers, crews and anglers.

Adult male Marlin in the open ocean may grow to 300 pounds and 20 feet in length. The new freshwater Lake Berryessa Marlin have been genetically-limited to grow to no more than 30 pounds and 5 feet in length – with no loss in their fighting vigor and delicate flavor.

The first stocking of this exciting new game fish is scheduled or April 1. However, there have been several secret tests of the adaptability of a limited number of the new marlin recently. The Lake Berryessa News was able to capture confidential photos of some of the tests.

marlin big & small
Boat & Berryessa marlin
fishing boat & marlin                       © Peter Kilkus 2020