Indoor Ski Hill

Ski Indoors? Lake Berryessa Snowfall Sparks Resort Imagination

Recent snowfalls at Lake Berryessa have ignited the imagination of the new Lake Berryessa concessions managers. Recognizing the value of burgeoning California snow skiing market, as well as the heavy congestion at the Sierra ski resorts, one new resort concessioner will construct the first indoor ski hill in California at Monticello Shores (formerly Rancho Monticello).

indoor ski

Modeled on the first class ski resort constructed in the desert country of Dubai, Let’s Snow Ski Berryessa® will operate year round bringing more visitors to the area during the usually quiet winter season. The resort is rumored to be negotiating with the Monticello Ski Club for a partnership endorsement agreement.

During the winter, the ski hill will cater to skiers who don’t wish to be trapped for hours during long drives to the Sierras – and who balk at paying for the present $100+ per day lift tickets at resorts such as Northstar, Squaw Valley, and Heavenly.

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Let’s Snow Ski Berryessa® will provide first class winter skiing but will add a special feature for snow boarders during the warm summer months.

From Labor Day through Memorial Day the ski hill will end in a specially-designed trick half-pipe which will send snowboarders sailing out over Lake Berryessa. This feature will give new meaning to the phrase “launch ramp” and wakeboard clubs are already talking about crossover events such as snowboard-wakeboard “jump and skip” contests where the winners will be judged on the distance of their first jump out of the snow ski complex combined with how many times they can skip their board (like a rock) across the water before sinking (like a rock).

Snowboard on water
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