Glory Hole Swallows Senior Center Gambling Bus

Lake Berryessa Glory Hole Swallows Senior Center Gambling Bus    

For more than 25 years, the Lake Berryessa Senior Center and Community Hall social group has made its yearly trip to the Cache Creek Casino. This trip, like so many in the past, was filled with singing and good humor for the seniors on board the bus.

But not long into the latest trip along Highway 128, the bus was run off the road by a herd of tourists just as it approached Lake Berryessa’s famous Glory Hole lookout area. Despite bus  driver Soddy McWombat’s best efforts, the bus veered off the road and tumbled down into the famous landmark known the world over as the Glory Hole.

One lady said, “We had just finished listening to our favorite band, Queens of the Stone Age, and were ready for another round of a hundred bottles of beer on the wall when our driver yelled "Blimey, mate!" and we slid off the road.”

Even though the bus flipped on its top as it made its way terrifyingly down the Glory Hole, the veteran bus driver, McWombat, saved the day. He came on the loudspeaker and told them “No Worries”. Soddy knew from reading the Lake Berryessa News, that the Glory Hole tunnel was 28 feet in diameter so the bus would be able to go right through it with no problems if he could keep it upright.

According to a report filed by the Napa County Sheriff,  Soddy managed to steer the bus down the tube, roller-coastering through the curved tunnel at the bottom, then out through the spillway on the other side of the dam. The bus became lodged at the exit of the tunnel, sparing its riders a bus-boat ride to Winters. 

“It seemed like we were in the hole for a long time,” continued Theodore Kerabatsos. Driver McWombat said that although he was as cross as a frog in a sock that the accident happened, he knew that everything would turn out fine, fair dinkum.

Although word has gotten out to the water bird thrill-seeking population that the Glory Hole Water Slide is really dope, actual people should avoid it.

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