Alligators in Lake Berryessa

Alligators in Lake Berryessa?

Speaking of adventures at the lake, Allie the Lake Berryessa Alligator, apparently first seen many years ago at Steele Park, seems to have returned.

At that time rumor had it that someone had released a pet alligator at an unnamed resort during the April Fool’s Day holiday prior to 2012. Others believed that Allie had escaped from a genetic engineering lab at the University of Lake Berryessa located below the surface of big Island. ULB Chancellor I. Kamin Furst denied that such a project existed.

Strangely - or simply coincidentally - all sightings of Allie seem to have occurred on April 1.

There had been a couple of unverified sightings by resort guests and a claim by someone that something alligator-like attacked his dog along the shore of the Steele Park marina. Fish and Game was notified. Several people took their boats out in search of the creature.

In 2012 I had received an alligator sighting photo at Jumping Rock from a local resident. When I posted it on my Lake Berryessa News Facebook page, I recieved more than 5,000 hits and 150 comments.

This sighting of Allie, the Lake Berryessa Alligator, also seen several years previously at Steele Park, convinced some residents that they now had a serious tourist attraction to kick-start our local economy which had been devastated by the closure and demolition of most of the resorts in 2008-2009.

The Lake Berryessa News investigative team verified that someone saw something, but no one confirmed an anything. More likely the original culprit was a large catfish. No dog was actually attacked, but a woman walking a dog saw a large shadow in the water. The next day an 18 pound catfish was caught in the same area!

Alligator sightings stopped for several years as the lake level continued to drop. Allie may have been enjoying her perch on the side of a dry Glory Hole.

However, the rapid rise of the lake this year seems to have encouraged her to come out of hiding. As you can see from her photos at a dry Glory Hole, she is quite large.

The Lake Berryessa News cannot confirm the validity of this set of photos, but based on the “alternative facts” approach of modern fake news and our commitment to “truthiness", we cannot deny their authenticity either.

Allie Jumpin Rock
Allie Easte side right

Allie Apr1 Steele Park

Allie at dry Glory Hole edited-1
Allie Glory Hole 2017                       © Peter Kilkus 2020