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Lake Berryessa Gunman Media Alert

Napa County Sheriff’s Detectives have arrested 25-year-old, Gabriel James Chavez, in connection with the June 8th, 2024, shooting at Lake Berryessa. Mr. Chavez is charged with Murder (187 PC) and his next court appearance is scheduled for later today. Mr. Chavez is a resident of American Canyon.

Several media members inquired about this information yesterday. We were unable to share the suspect’s ID yesterday, because it may have jeopardized the investigation. Before we can share the suspect’s ID with the media and public, we must have witnesses point out the suspect in a lineup.

We appreciate your patience. For questions please contact me directly. Thank you. Henry Wofford Napa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, (707)339-7582

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Here's the latest report from the Napa County Sheriff's Office:

Man Detained for Lake Berryessa Shooting
(June 9th, 2024 -1 :15PM)

On Saturday, June 8, at approximately 5:30PM, Napa County Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to Lake Berryessa were dispatched to a large fight at the Oak Shores Day Use Area, along the west shore of the lake. Deputies arrived and found multiple people injured and a large, chaotic, scene. Deputies found and administered CPR to one individual suffering from gunshot wounds. That individual, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three other individuals suffered injuries (from stabbings and punches) and were treated at various Northern California Hospitals. Two of those three were transported via air ambulance.

The Napa County Major Crimes Task Force, which is comprised of detectives and investigators from all the Napa County law enforcement agencies including the District Attorney's Office, Napa Police, CHP, St Helena Police, and Calistoga Police, was called out and responded to the scene to assist with the investigation. The Napa Sheriff’s Detective Bureau is the lead agency in the investigation. Sonoma County Sheriff’s Helicopter, "Henry-One", also assisted with the initial response.

Through the investigation, detectives have learned that during the fighting between the two groups, one individual retrieved a firearm from his vehicle and then shot and killed the victim. That individual fled in a vehicle but was eventually detained just north of the lake and is one of the patients that was airlifted to a local hospital. That individual is being detained while being treated at the hospital.

For facility security and the security of the detectives detaining the person, the name of that individual and location of the hospital is not being released at this time. Once he is booked into the county jail, which is expected to be in the coming days, his name and his mugshot will be available for release.

Because the Oak Shores area is a large picnic grounds area with multiple users and witnesses, the Napa Sheriff’s Office detectives are asking for the public's help. Any witnesses who may have witnessed the incident of captures cell phone video of the melee is asked to contact the detectives at (707)253-4504.

The name of the shooting victim is being released at this time. That name is Andres Fabian Sandoval Garcia, 39 years old, a resident of Vallejo.

This is an active, ongoing, investigation. Detectives have worked through the night and throughout the weekend. There is no further information at this time.

Summer Is Heating Up At Lake Berryessa!

 The Lake is FULL. Launch Ramps Are Open. Camping Is Spectacular.

Watersports, Boating, Kayaking, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Paddle Boarding
Camping, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Spectacular Vistas, Nature Trails, Wineries

The latest Lake Berryessa News has been published and is available to download and read at:

The latest Lake Berryessa News, June 2024, has been published and is available download at:

Lake Berryessa News, June 2024


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Lake Berryessa Statistics 6/2/24

The lake level has dropped another few inches to 438.6 feet, 1.4 feet below Glory Hole.

Lake output has increased to 570 cfs (cubic feet per second) or 1,130 A-F (acre feet per day) as the agricultural season has begun in earnest.

The season total rainfall at Monticello Dam remains at 28.14 inches.

The Gamble Gauge shows the lake capacity dropped to 98.7%.

The water temperature at the dam has risen to 78 degrees from the surface to 10 feet down, 60 degrees at 40 feet, and 54 degrees at 70 feet and below.


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Lake Berryessa Revitalization Program Update´╗┐

Camp Margaritaville Resorts at Steele Canyon Recreation Area

Beating their first planned milestone by two months, Camp Margaritaville Resorts completed their "due diligence" study and presented the results to Napa County in mid-May. According to Camp Margaritaville, the results were positive, and they planned to continue their revitalization program at Steele Canyon. 

In late May they held a major on-site planning event at Steele Canyon which included resort design engineers and planners. A leading resort design consultant is heading the process.

Camp Margaritaville reported to the Lake Berryessa News that it is very positive about the Steele Canyon project. It is dedicated to providing a family-friendly, environmentally sustainable resort for the Lake Berryessa community. 

Within a few months they will develop detailed plans, complete environmental reports, and schedule a community forum to present their plans and get local input. It will take about a year to begin construction.


Napa County succinctly reported that, "Margaritaville is six months into their process, so they have a long way to go, at least 20 more months. Suntex (Pleasure Cove) is working on their marina build out first for Berryessa Point (old Berryessa Marina) and they are out about a year ."


Richard Bart Barthelemy, 1941-2024

On May 24, 2024, Bart flew his final flight west, leaving behind his loving wife of 54 years, Cynthia, his daughter, Angelique Ball, and his three grandchildren, Bridget, Nick and Natalie Ball. He also leaves his sister Andrée Miller, niece Jennifer Miller (Dai Gwilliam) and her daughter, nephew Christopher (Susan) Miller and their sons, cousins and extended family in France, sister-in-law Judith Quinlan and numerous nieces and nephews on his wife's side. He was pre-deceased by his parents and his son-in-law.

Bart was born in Chicago, IL to Roger and Frances Barthelemy, moving to Hollywood, FL as an infant where he spent most of his school years before moving to Jacksonville, FL to finish high school. He attended Oberlin College in Ohio, graduating with a philosophy and mathematics degree in 1962, a time in history when student politics were contentious, and where he perfected his debating skills with his activist roommates, who were part of the Chicago Seven. After college, he joined the United States Air Force, becoming captain on the C133 aircraft, flying transport missions around the world, mainly to Vietnam during the war. His Air Force years gave him deep, lifelong friendships that have lasted decades.
Following his service, he was recruited by commercial airline TWA where he wore all the stripes, from flight engineer to captain of several different aircraft. Retiring after 29 years, he pursued more pilot licenses, including sea plane and helicopter. He belonged to the Napa Vintage Flyers Club, the Civil Air Patrol searching for downed planes, and Angel Flight, along with becoming a flight instructor. Because of his flying career, he and his wife and daughter were able to travel the world, exploring far off countries, always learning and teaching along the way, sparking a lifelong curiosity and love of history in his daughter. They were able to visit his family in France often, keeping a close relationship for which he was grateful.
He always had a job besides piloting, including insurance broker, land developer at Lake Berryessa, home builder, vineyard owner, and vintner of St. Barthelemy Cellars port, where he and his son in-law, Jason, operated a custom crush winery for 14 years.
In his rare down time, one of Bart's biggest joys was introducing people to wine tasting and enjoying sunset dinners and wine on their lakeview deck with many friends over the years. He was a recurring wine judge in Burgundy, France and started the SIR's wine group in Napa, tasting and evaluating local and international wines monthly. When not enjoying wine, he was dedicated to rooting for his grandchildren at their various sports, rarely missing a baseball, soccer, basketball, or volleyball game, along with scoring their dives into their backyard pool, and teaching them the art of hard work.
Bart had many talents, loved and lived life to the fullest, and was always up for something social, enjoying the company of their many friends and his family. We will miss him dearly. If you'd like to make a donation, consider giving to your local Hospice in Bart's name. To plant trees in memory, please visit the Sympathy Store.

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Is "Ozempic Butts" Coming to Lake Berryessa?
by Peter Kilkus

It may sound like a new heavy metal band or a rap song, but it's much funnier than either one of those. Even South Park has a new video on Amazon: South Park: The End Of Obesity.

I am so tired of seeing stupid drug commercials on television. A few months ago, I was struck by how many TV ads were showing young fat women dancing happily. It seemed odd that a company appeared to be celebrating a clearly unhealthy lifestyle. At that time, I didn't recognize the drug name Ozempic. My friend Julie clued me into the fact that Ozempic was being pimped as a weight loss drug and the ads were targeting fat women (for profit) and probably fat men too.

Ozempic is used for type 2 diabetes to improve blood sugar levels in adults and also to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events like stroke, heart attack, or death for adults with type 2 diabetes with heart disease and "may also reduce your appetite to help weight loss." Ozempic is currently not an FDA-approved weight loss medicine.

Common Ozempic side effects include low blood sugar (in people with type 2 diabetes), upset stomach, heartburn, burping, gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, runny nose or sore throat, stomach flu symptoms or headache, dizziness, tiredness. Serious Ozempic side effects: Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives, itching; dizziness, fast heartbeats; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

“Ozempic face” and "Ozempic butt" are terms for common side effects of Ozempic characterized by sagging skin that can develop as a result of extreme, rapid weight loss while taking these drugs.

As prescriptions for weight-loss and diabetes drugs skyrocket, so too has revenue for drugmakers Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly. Novo Nordisk, the Denmark-based company behind Ozempic and Wegovy, reported a 29% increase in sales to $8.4 billion for the third quarter. Eli Lilly, which makes diabetes drug Mounjaro, reported a 37% revenue increase to $9.5 billion in the third quarter. The pharmaceutical companies are two of the biggest beneficiaries of the recent weight-loss drug frenzy, with Novo Nordisk catapulting to Europe’s most valuable company.

A female celebrity was once quoted saying, "Nothing tastes so good as feeling skinny." I agree, which is why I hike and use my recumbent exercise bike regularly. BUT, often making the choice between an apple fritter and coffee for breakfast compared to a half-hour on the bike can be tough. Should I risk my health for a new drug promising weight loss by sitting around? Or am I better off just buying stock in Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly? (Probably too late to catch the wave - back to the bike.)

Years ago, when the FCC allowed television advertising of prescription drugs, the majority of doctors opposed this action - and still do. But Big Pharma won, surprise! See the medical journal article quote from 2018:

"Dangers and Opportunities of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Advertising: The average television viewer in the United States watches as many as nine drug advertisements per day and about 16 hours per year, far exceeding the time an average individual spends with his/her primary care physician. Since 2012, spending on drug commercials has increased by 62%, and $5 billion were spent on drug commercials last year. Given their ubiquity, the article by Klara, et al. in this issue of JGIM offers one more piece of evidence to indicate that this medium is not operating as intended, and to force us to consider alternatives to the status quo."

In the 1960s, Congress granted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulating authority of prescription drug labeling and advertising. This authority included ensuring that ads (1) were not false or misleading, (2) presented a “fair balance” of both drug risks and benefits, (3) included facts that are “material” to a drug’s advertised uses, and (4) included a “brief summary” that notes every risk described in the drug’s labeling. DTC advertising exploded in the late 1990s after the FDA eased up on regulations for required risk information by stipulating that ads must include only the “major risks” and provide resources that consumers can be directed to for full risk information.

DTC ads can mislead patients by overemphasizing benefits and underemphasizing risks. For example, a 2015 FDA survey found that 65% of physicians believed DTC ads confused patients about the relative risks and benefits of prescription drugs. A 2016 Yale study found that 13% of diabetes medication ads suggested off-label uses for weight loss and blood pressure reduction.

Patients may ask for unnecessary drugs they've seen in advertisements, which can lead to inappropriate prescribing. DTC ads may lead to increased use of more expensive branded medications, which are often featured in commercials, rather than generic options. DTC ads may promote drugs over healthy lifestyle choices, which can lead to less interest in nonpharmacological treatments. DTC ads can cause strained relationships with healthcare professional and affect physicians' medical practices and interactions with patients."

Conclusion: DTC ads are not only stupid, but also dangerous.

Actual online ads for fixing Ozempic butt:

A Brazilian Butt Lift is designed to add volume to your butt using fat harvested from other areas of your body. It not only boosts your booty, but because it also requires liposuction, you will reap the benefits of shaping and contouring other areas of your body.
When diluted and injected into the buttocks, calcium hydroxylapatite-based filler can immediately improve the contour and volume.
I'll use a technique called skimming with a device called ultrasound-assisted liposuction to harvest fat from multiple body areas. Skimming is ideal for patients who have benefited from weight loss but continue to have micro-stores of fat available for buttock contouring. For these patients, I'll take fat from the back, arms, abdomen, flanks, and thighs. I'll also contour the back and love handles to carve out a better transition between the lower back and the buttocks.
In severe cases of Ozempic butt, the skin may need to be removed to lift the buttocks and tighten saggy skin after weight loss. This is done with a circumferential abdominoplasty where the tummy tuck incision is designed to include the lower back skin with a circumferential incision. This is sometimes called a lower body lift.



Berryessa Highlands Residents Gather for
Community Wildfire Preparedness Day Event

May was “Wildfire Preparedness Month”, so the residents of the Berryessa Highlands had a meeting at the fire house to talk about how to make their homes and community more wildfire resilient.

Residents were presented with information on how they can take action right now, and also be ready for future grants that will pay for retrofits like new concrete siding, upgraded ember resistant vents, defensible space upgrades, and more. The discussion covered all elements of defensible space and home hardening, but focused a lot of attention on the new “Zone 0”, which requires homeowners to remove all flammable vegetation, mulch, or other flammable items within 0 to 5 feet from homes and structures. Residents taking individual responsibility for their own homes will have a big impact in future fire fights, and can also eventually help reduce their insurance premiums.

Following that discussion, the new list of community-wide projects was presented, giving residents a preview of what is being planned to improve the community’s ability to survive and fight the next wildfire. Resident input is critical for this process of planning for the future, so they were able to ask questions, and provide additional suggestions. In addition to continuing efforts to improve and maintain shaded fuel breaks and forest lands in and around the neighborhood, new projects being discussed include preparing to use more sheep or goat grazing for maintenance purposes, better monitoring and access to water for firefighting, improving evacuation preparedness, and having more resources ready for incoming firefighters so they know where our firebreaks and safe zones are, to improve their effectiveness.

The Berryessa Highlands Fire Safe Council (BHFSC) hosted the meeting, with support from Napa County Fire/CAL Fire and the Capell Valley Volunteer Fire Department.  Also attending and sharing information was Napa OES, the Napa Sherriff Department, and the Berryessa Community Emergency Response Team(CERT).

To keep all the residents engaged, the BHFSC team rounded up over $2,000 in raffle donations, and gave out free BBQ chicken tacos to all in attendance.  It is hoped that this annual meeting will grow in popularity each year, giving the residents a chance to stay informed, and meet new neighbors.

Special thanks to all of these local businesses that donated prizes: Steele Canyon Campground, Lake Berryessa Boat & Jet Ski Rental, Pridmore Brothers Construction, Rustridge Winery, Ranch, & B&B, Crown Hill Stone Supply, Turtle Rock, Nichelini, Berryessa Tie-Dye, Van Winden Garden Center, Morning Sun Herb Farm.

For more information about how to make your home more wildfire resilient, visit .

And for more information about wildfire preparedness projects going on across all of Napa County, visit .


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Summer Fishing at Lake Berryessa
As Lake Berryessa Turns!
by Peter Kilkus

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Now that summer is here and the water is warming, I've seen some comments about Lake Berryessa "turning over".  The concept of “turnover” is well-known to anglers, but not so much to other lake visitors. Some folks think that Lake Berryessa turns over in both spring and fall. But scientific data shows that the lake only turns once per year - in the fall. Only lakes that freeze in the winter actually have two turnovers.

Turnover is essentially what it sounds like. The water on the bottom of the lake goes to the top, and the water on the top of the lake goes to the bottom. Although the turning of a lake is partly due to temperature and density differences in the layers, the major cause for the turnover (or mixing) is the wind. The wind causes full mixing of the lake when the temperature of the water is the same at all depths and there are no layers.
Without ice formation and the colder, less dense water rising to the top, reservoirs such as Lake Berryessa will not experience a spring turnover. Winds in the Lake Berryessa region also play a large role in keeping the lake well mixed until summer when surface water temperatures are significantly different, allowing the stratification that anglers call the "thermocline" to occur. You can see the thermocline in the graph above as the light blue line at the 40 foot depth dividing the warm surface water from the cold water below.
The fishermen at Lake Berryessa probably have the best data regarding the lake turnovers and where the thermocline demarcation typically is located because that is where the fish feed on the zooplankton accumulating at the density gradient. Different arms of the lake may behave differently due to the wind, sun exposure and interflows from streams.
The total depth in the vicinity of the dam is almost 250 feet. The lower depths are pretty consistent, VERY COLD. Another interesting fact is that the Monticello Dam is what is called a “hypolimnetic discharge”, meaning that water discharged downstream is drawn off the lower portion of the water volume, so it is very cold and very nutrient rich. These nutrients support the large biomass of aquatic plants and algae in Lake Solano. The big, noticeable change in the spring relates more to direct sunlight on the lake surface, warming water temperatures, and the biological processes that "kick into gear." During this time phytoplankton/algae become more numerous, changing the water from clear to cloudy green - "The Spring Bloom".
In response to the algae growth, small invertebrates (i.e., copepods, tiny shrimp-like critters, and insect larva) become abundant followed by increased feeding and  reproductive activity by larger aquatic animals like fish and frogs. The fishermen respond to all this new fish activity and spawning in the early spring - which may be the source of the “spring turnover” concept.
By late spring, nutrients typically become depleted from the lake and planktonic populations crash, causing the lake to clear a bit and fishing activity to taper-off. The summer is a period of "lake exhaustion", when food becomes scarce and only the hardiest aquatic creatures survive. All the dead organisms sink to the bottom of the lake becoming food for decomposers like bacteria. The biological processes of bacteria can deplete deep water O2 supplies, which makes the fall turnover especially important, not only for recycling nutrients through the water column but also in restoring deep water O2 levels.
During summer, the surface of the lake the water will be very warm and stays warm down to a certain level. As the Lake Berryessa chart above shows, the surface might be at its maximum of 82 degrees in August, while 40 feet deep it is 70 degrees. At 70 feet the water is about 55 degrees. Lake Berryessa bottom water temperatures never go below about 50 degrees.
Normally when a lake turns over the trout fishing improves dramatically. A lot of fishermen believe the reason trout stay on the surface after a turnover is because the water is cooler. Actually, the reason the trout are feeding on the surface is because during a turnover the cold water sinking to the bottom stirs up the silt, which results in nutrients and plankton being forced to the surface. The bait fish go to the surface to feed on the plankton and the trout follow the bait fish. Lake Berryessa is a good example. Within a few weeks after turnover, trout will be seen chasing the small fish at the surface.
After turnover the whole lake has good oxygen content and fish can move anywhere. They are hard to pattern because they roam a lot for a few weeks before setting up on deeper winter structure. Some professional anglers are unsure what happens to bass during the turnover, but they agree that the fish are affected, almost like a cold front situation. It disorients them a little bit and they can get somewhat “goofy” about that time. Before the turnover, fishing tends to improve with the cooling water conditions. During and after the turnover, however, fishing tapers off.


Great new project proposed by the Pridmore family. One thing the Lake Berryessa community needs more of is local lodging, especially for friends and family of local residents. The closest lodging is Napa, Fairfield and Winters.

Napa County considers lodging project at old Capell school.
 Barry Eberling, May 17, 2024

A former school near Lake Berryessa could see new life as a visitor destination, with nine small lodging units and a barn for events.
The Pridmore family owns the old Capell Valley Elementary School campus on 5 acres along Capell Valley Road about a mile northwest of Moskowite Corner, in rural Napa County south of Lake Berryessa. Cameron Pridmore said developing this property would provide money to help with taxes and upkeep on the family ranch.
His great-great grandfather bought the Capell Valley ranch in the 1920s and ran a dairy. Today, the ranch no longer has a dairy and is open space, he said. “We’re land-rich but not monetarily wealthy,” Pridmore told the Planning Commission on Wednesday. “We had to come up with sort of a game plan of how we’re going to be able to still keep our ranch without having to develop it.”
Given they don’t want to put vineyards and a winery on the ranch, the Pridmores turned to the dormant school site as a possible moneymaker. Pridmore said there’s boat storage on one side and a fire station on the other, so developing the site makes sense.
The Planning Commission recommended the Board of Supervisors make the necessary general plan and zoning changes and issue the use permit so the plan can move forward.
One proposed step is having the county change the old school site's designation from agriculture and open space to allow commercial uses. Such a switch would be a rarity in a county that stresses preserving agriculture.
“It should not be a signal to anyone that the county of Napa is going in the direction of converting agricultural lands to other uses,” Planning Commission chair Dave Whitmer said. “This has a historic precedence that’s already been set.”
The county designated the land "limited urban" in 1975 and then rural residential in1982, with the 2008 general plan making the change to agricultural, county officials said.
Measure P states that Napa County land in most cases cannot be changed from agricultural designations without a vote of the people. But because the Pridmore land was zoned rural residential when Measure P took effect in September 2007, no ballot measure would be needed in this case.
Under the Pridmores' proposal, the Capell Valley school house would remain, as would other structures. They would be used for guest check-in and communal guest space. A small barn would be built for community gatherings and private events. There might be up to six events annually with a maximum of 150 people and 12 events with a maximum of 60 people.

The Pridmore family has a long history with the 5-acre property. In 1958, it donated the land in 1958 for use as the Capell Valley school. Having taught pupils for about a century in a building across the street, the school reopened in 1963 at its new location provided by the Pridmores. Capell Valley was basically a one-room schoolhouse operation. The Napa Register reported in 1974 that 17 students attended. One teacher taught them all, from first grade to sixth — and she herself had once attended the Capell Valley school.
“Pridmore is the ubiquitous name in Capell Valley,” reporter Kevin Courtney wrote five decades ago. “They live here in such numbers that once the school was two-thirds Pridmore. As new blood slowly enters the valley, such as families moving into the nearby trailer park, Pridmore strength has been diluted to 41% of the school.” At its peak, the school had up to 90 students and a combination of five teachers, assistants and groundkeepers, the Pridmore application said.
In 2010, the Napa Valley Unified School District decided to close Capell Valley and two other elementary schools to save money. Six years later, the district sold the campus back to the Pridmores for $325,000.
Cameron Pridmore brought the idea of having small lodges there to the Board of Supervisors in August 2017. Supervisors agreed to initiate a general plan change, with a public hearing before the Planning Commission and the board again to follow. Since then, the Pridmores have prepared an application for a use permit and the designation changes, doing such things as a groundwater study and biological assessment.
“We’re actually very excited to finally get this project in front of you. It’s been a long road,” Pridmore told the Planning Commission.


Wildfire Defensible Space Improvement Video
Berryessa Highlands Example

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Bureau of Reclamation announces Lake Berryessa hours

The Bureau of Reclamation announces new operating hours at Lake Berryessa for the summer beginning May 5.
Dufer Point Visitor Center
The Dufer Point Visitor Center will be open noon to 3 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends and holidays.
Oak Shores Day Use Area
The north end of Oak Shores will reopen for day use from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only. South Oak Shore will be open every day from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Oak Shores Day Use Area offers six large group shade shelters at Acorn Beach, Foxtail Flat, and Coyote Beach. Group shelters can be reserved for groups of up to 50 for $25, per shelter per day, at For more information, or to organize a larger event, contact the Lake Berryessa Park Ranger Office at 707-966-2111, ext. 113.
Smittle Creek and Eticuera Day Use Areas
Smittle Creek and Eticuera Day Use Areas will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for wildlife watching, picnicking and hand launching watercraft. The Smittle Creek Trail is open and can be accessed from two trailheads: the Smittle Creek Day Use Area, available throughout the year, and the Coyote Knolls parking lot in Oak Shores during the summer.
Capell Cove Boat Launch
The Capell Cove Boat Launch is open from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily throughout the year. 



Spring 2017 at Lake Berryessa, It's A Beautiful Day - Lake
Berryessa News Drone Report

Extended cut:

Camping and Marina info FYI...
Steele Canyon Campground:
Pleasure Cove Marina:
Spanish Flat Recreation Area:
Putah Canyon Rec Area:
Markley Cove:
Lake Berryessa Boat & Jet Ski


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Lake Berryessa: 


office:707-235-1124, fax:888-864-4133,, dre#:01302244

1070 Westridge Drive
APN# 019-492-010- .21+ Acre
Offered at $75,000
Flat then downslope


259 Sugarloaf Drive
APN#'s 019-322-004  - .37+- Acre
Offered at $75,000
Spanish Flat Woodlands
1013 Arroyo Lindo Court
APN# 019-441-004 - .22+ Acre
Offered at $84,000
Mostly flat then upslope.
1268 Steele Canyon Road
APN# 019- 432-001 - .21+ Acre
Offered at $70,000
Flat Space with hill at back
Live Oak Lane #21
APN# 019-331-008 - .47+ Acre
Offered at $54,000
Extra Large Lot
814 Bahia Vista Court
APN# 019-452-004 .32 +Acre
Offered at $49,000
Mostly Flat Then Downslope
1102 Arroyo Grande Drive
APN# 019-461-025-000 - .32+ Acre
Offered at $27,999
Flat then upslope - open space 2 sides
817 Bahia Vista Court
APN# 019-451-012 - .28+ Acre
0ffered at $37,500
Flat with downslope, canyon views
1121 Steele Canyon Road
APN# 019-442-004 - .31+ Acre
Offered at $25,000
Flat then downslope
272 Sugarloaf Drive
APN# 019-321-008 - .25+- Acre
Offered at $42,000
Downslope Lot
1103 Westridge Drive
APN# 019-491-011 - .29+- Acre
Offered at $37,500
Flat Then Downslope Lot


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If you want to compare weather activity around the lake, go to the following real-time weather stations around the lake. It would be nice to have some web cams.

Local Lake Berryessa Weather Stations (Weather Underground Network)

Lake Berryessa News Headquarters (Above the Berryessa Highlands)
Temperature gauge is non-operational, but all other measurements are accurate. The interesting thing about our location is the high south wind levels at the top of our hill compared to the lower level Berryessa Highlands stations.

Berryessa Highlands (Somewhere in the Berryessa Highlands) Berryessa Highlands - KCANAPA20
Skiers Cove (Below the Berryessa Highlands) Skier Cove - KCANAPA228
East Side Road (Across from Big Island) East Side Road, Lake Berryessa - KCALAKEB2
Spanish Flat (Near the Spanish Flat Recreation Area) Roger - KCASPANI1


New Lake Berryessa Map Updated 1/28/24

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This Book Is Fun To Read!

Thanks to all of you who have bought my new book. I hope you like it. If you have a minute could you please go to the Amazon page for my book, scroll down to the Customer Review section and give it some stars and a good review. I would appreciate it since 5 stars and a good review really help sales.

Although it is not a real moneymaker for me, I would like to sell as many copies as I can so that I don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over on my Lake Berryessa News Facebook page (, the Lake Berryessa Facebook group ( and other emails. Thanks.


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Policy and Politics Betray the People: The Lake Berryessa Saga: 1958 - 2020

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The KPIX Eye on the Bay interview below is one I did in 2010 and a relevant introduction to the substance of the book. 
I did it after Pensus had been given the contract for 5 resorts. As we all know Pensus was subsequently kicked out in 2012.

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Lake Berryessa Data Sources

There are many sources of Lake Berryessa water and weather conditions available. The Solano County Water Agency site is good for real-time graphs of level, capacity, and water temperature. The California Data Exchange Center has data going back decades for level, capacity, capacity change, dam outflow, dam inflow, and rainfall. Anyone can research their own data and create custom charts. This is the source of many of the charts on the Lake Berryessa News website.

An upgraded wildfire alert camera system will be keeping watch on Napa County day and night and notifying Cal Fire crews of potential fires. Twenty cameras will be part of a system that will use artificial intelligence and other technologies to identify fire and smoke. If they detect something, an alert will sound in the Cal Fire emergency command center near St. Helena.

Cal Fire has made a large investment into the ALERTCalifornia system, partnering with UC San Diego. There are 1,000 cameras across the state and Napa County is one of the test models.
Cameras can see 60 miles during the day, and this can increase to 120 miles on clear nights, with the changes in the air. The system can differentiate among smoke, clouds and dust. A link to this camera system and other relevant weather data is available on the Lake Berryessa News website at:

This website was created by Doug Kunst. It is an amazing resource for Lake Berryessa fire cameras and weather. His business website is

Lake Berryessa Fire Alert Cameras


 Real-Time Lake Level, Lake Capacity, Water Temperature
Solano County Water Agency
Lake Detailed Historical Data
California Data Exchange Center
Research historical data and create custom plots
Lake Berryessa Code: BER
Local Weather Stations (Weather Underground Network)
Berryessa Highlands (Somewhere in the Berryessa Highlands)
Berryessa Highlands - KCANAPA20
Skiers Cove (Below the Berryessa Highlands)
Skier Cove - KCANAPA228
East Side Road (Across from Big Island)
East Side Road, Lake Berryessa - KCALAKEB2
Spanish Flat (Near the Spanish Flat Recreation Area)