Roots of the Present_Napa Valley 1900 - 1950

1971 Berryessa Bulletin

1971 Napa County Lake Berryessa Area Plan

1971 Oakland Tribune Lake Berryessa Article

1972 Napa County National Park Service Plan

1972 Napa County Day Use Facilities Plan

1972 National Park Service Plan for Recreation Development

1988 Reclamation Water Carrying Capacity Analysis

1988 Solano Irrigation District Berryessa Project History

1992 Final Environmental Impact Statement

1993 Record of Decision

1997 Reclamation Market Area Survey

1998 Reclamation Boater Study

2000 Solano Project History BOR

2000 Visitor Services Plan Notice of Intent

2004 LBVSPT Alternative A+

2004 LBVSPT A+ Executive Summary

2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement

2005 Resort Owners Plan

2006 Record of Decision

2009 Bid Prospectus

2011 Walros Policy (Water & Land Use)

2012 Shoreline Trail Plan

2014 Reclamation Market Assessment

2015 Bid Prospectus

2017 Reclamation Environmental Assessment

2017 Ragatz Report Full

2018 BOR Final EA MPA Catch-22 Assessment

2018 What Happened at Lake Berryessa

2020 Managing Partner Agreement

Creation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument

Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Brochure

Vortex Formation Study

Watchable Wildlife

Fishing at Lake Berryessa

Berryessa Birds

Snakes at Lake Berryessa

North End Trail

Smittle Creek Trails

Berryessa Peak Hike

WALROS Handbook

Lake Berryessa Archeology Reports 1979_1985

Fairfield 2022 Water Quality Report

Lake Berryessa Revitalization Program

Lake Berryessa Archeology Reports 1979_1985

Monticello Shores RFP 080123
Steele Canyon 60% Design Documents
Berryessa Point 60% Design Drawings
Napa County Request for Proposals (2020)