Skateboarding Glory Hole

Skateboarding Inside Glory Hole

In my post about how Glory Hole works I included a couple of skateboarding photos of the inside of Glory Hole’s huge outlet pipe. This got a lot of reaction from readers who were also skateboard savvy. So I decided to do a post of Glory Hole skateboarding photos and video. There are quite a few lake Berryessa Glory Hole skateboard videos on YouTube.

Most are not that great, but I did find an excellent one (9 minutes) at:

There’s also a good video at:

Here are a few photos.

GH from top dry copy
GH below 0.1 copy
GH below 6 copy
GH below distant copy
1 GH below best copy
GH below start kid copy
GH in looking out2 copy
Glory Hole 2 skateboarders
Glory Hole skateboarder2
Glory Hole skateboarder3                       © Peter Kilkus 2021