2018: The Year in Review

2018: The Year In Review Through Lake Berryessa News Headlines

January 2018: "Holes In History" at Lake Berryessa: Simple Incompetence, Fervent Ignorance, Malicious Arrogance

TEN YEARS of lost opportunities! A generation of children and families have missed some of the best experiences of their lives! It's time to start fulfilling    expectations, not digging new holes. If all goes well, the present schedule shows an optimistic date of July, 2018 for concessionaire selection and negotiations.

February 2018: February 2017 >>>>>February 2018: What A Difference A Year Makes!

The County received nine responses to the Request for Information and Interest for the redevelopment of five resorts. Next Steps: April, 2018 - MPA Authorization;  May, 2018-RFP Release. As of  2/8/18 the lake has stabilized at 431.1 feet - 8.9 feet below Glory Hole. No rain since January 26.

March 2018: No Drought Worries.  Lake Berryessa Is Full! Summer 2018 Will Be Interesting In More Ways Than One.

Once again the Lake Berryessa community is holding its breath in a spirit of cautious optimism. The Managing Partner Agreement between Napa County and Reclamation is to be completed in April. Summer 2018 should see concessionaire selection and contract negotiations proceeding.

April 2018: Easter Sunday Falls on April Fool's Day: A Spirit of Renewal Combined With A Sense of Humor Bodes Well For Lake Berryessa!

No Update From Napa County. No News From the Bureau of Reclamation. The Managing Partner Agreement (MPA) is still scheduled for completion during April. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is still scheduled for release in May.

May 2018: No on Measure C! When Good Science Goes Bad...Or Doesn't Go Anywhere At All.

Despite applehood and mother pie statements about the environmental benefits of oak woodlands, this initiative is simply an anti-winery, anti-vineyard, anti-growth measure. It will have the unintended consequence of negatively affecting Lake Berryessa and other rural property owners.

June 2018: The Lake Berryessa Senior Center & Community Hall! Become A Member Show Your Vote of Confidence In The Future.

The Center is committed to providing older adults, families and children with a friendly, supportive environment for social interaction, recreational activities, educational opportunities, community involvement, and access to public services. And it is also a full-service meeting and event facility.

July 2018: Revitalizing Lake Berryessa - Idling Towards Home

First the excitement of watching Napa County begin the process in early 2017. Then the  ray of hope when the county received nine responses to its RFII. Then the doldrums of Napa County negotiating a Managing Partner Agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation, followed by the engine failure somewhere in the process.

August 2018: Beating A Dead Horse With A Stick OR Beating A Horse With A Dead Stick? BOR Betrays Berryessa AGAIN!

It’s been a long time since the original promise of a “seamless transition” followed by years of total chaos leading to the destruction of our lake community. Is the Bureau of Reclamation a dead horse no longer functioning, or is the influence of Napa County just a dead stick when encountering bureaucratic inertia?

September 2018: Napa County Frustrated by Bureau of Reclamation Stalling Tactics as Talks on Resort Redevelopment “Continue”

There has been no progress regarding the completion of a Managing Partner Agreement (MPA) between Reclamation and Napa County. The original date for an MPA was January 2018 with the selection of new resort concessionaires to occur during this summer. Now there is no proposed completion date.

 October 2018: Congressman Thompson Tours Lake Berryessa with Interior Department Officials. Atlas Fire 1-Year Later.

 Thompson and federal officials toured Lake Berryessa. The Steele Fire destroyed homes and dreams after flames broke out suddenly on Saturday, July 28. The fire swept uphill in dry conditions and had burned several houses at the top of the ridge on Headlands Drive in less than an hour.

November 2018:Another Bureau of Reclamation Time Warp Moment! The “2020-something…” Lake Berryessa Revitalization Schedule

“Is it progress if a cannibal uses a fork?” After more than two years of painfully slow progress, the Board of Supervisors has yet to finalize a Managing Partner Agreement (MPA) with the Bureau of Reclamation. Reclamation has a 20-year history of delays and bureaucratic bungling that led to the present situation at the lake.

December, 2018: Bureau of Reclamation Produces Another Lost Year at Lake Berryessa

No Managing Partner Agreement. No Request For Proposals. One Year Interim Contract Extension For Dirt Camping.Reclamation response to Lake Berryessa crisis: hollow promises. Reclamation 2018 major accomplishment: money for new HQ roof & new boat!


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