2017: The Year In Review

2017: The Year In Review Through Lake Berryessa News Headlines

January, 2017: Will 2017 Be Lake Berryessa's Lucky Year?

Napa County and the Bureau of Reclamation may move forward with negotiating a Managing Partner Agreement and creating a formal Request for Proposal process to select a concessionaires. Napa County will become the managing entity.

February, 2017: Napa County Cares about Lake Berryessa - Finally!

The County is considering whether to take over managing the Bureau of Reclamation’s stalled effort to redevelop five Lake Berryessa resorts. Ragatz Sedgwick Realty will assist the County in  identifying interested concession partners by marketing the opportunity to the resort community and performing a feasibility analysis.

March, 2017: Lake Berryessa Takes A Full Breath of Fresh Water: Glory Hole Goes Viral!

On February 21, 2017, Lake Berryessa  OFFICIALLY HIT THE TOP of the Glory Hole Spillway, 440.0 feet, at 1 A.M! On February 21, 2017 Lake Berryessa finally took another big deep breath and reached its second highest lake level in history - 443.6 feet msl - a  45 foot rise - the second fastest rise in its 58 year history.

April 1, 2017: Special April 1st Holiday Edition!

Glory Hole Declared a National Infrastructure Treasure: Lake Berryessa’s Glory Hole Spillway rose to international prominence in early 2017 due to detailed reporting and drone videos by the Lake Berryessa News. Glory Hole to be Lowered to Attract More Tourists!

May, 2017: The Cleanest Lake In Northern Caliornia Is FULL And OPEN For Summer Fun!

Now that the “cleanest lake in Northern California” is full again, recreation spirits are rising fast. Boaters are flocking to the lake in greater numbers than ever. It just feels good to play on a full Lake Berryessa!

June 2017: 1967 - 2017: 50 Years Since The Summer of Love. This Year Is The Love of Summer at Lake Berryessa!

Winter rains brought Lake Berryessa to its maximum water storage capacity for the first time since 2006. With the rise in water level, and people's spirits, it is expected to be a busy summer at the lake.

July 2017: Milestone Achieved! A Positive Report on the Potential Future Rebirth of Lake Berryessa!

More than a year since  the Lake Berryessa News began the campaign to give Lake Berryessa management back to Napa County, a major milestone in that campaign has arrived. A 434-page Lake Berryessa marketing report done by Ragatz Realty was just presented to the County and to the Bureau of Reclamation.

August 2017: The Future of Lake Berryessa Looks Brighter, But The Sun Also Rises A Bit Slowly

It began almost 18 months ago with the Lake Berryessa News headline: A Modest Proposal: Radical Restructuring - Ownership and Management of Lake Berryessa Should Be Transferred to Napa County. On August 1, 2017, Ragatz Sedgwick Realty released their report, Lake Berryessa: An Untapped Resort Development Opportunity.

September 2017: Hurricanes, Heat Waves, Fires and Smoke! Summer 2017 Goes Out With A Bang (or Sizzle)!

Now that the Napa County supervisors have approved potentially taking over management of the Lake Berryessa resorts, a feeling of cautious optimism is in the air. County staff are meeting regularly with the BOR. A Request For Information and Interest (RFII) will solicit large recreation companies to invest in Lake Berryessa.

October 2017: Fire and Water: Positive Progress at Lake Berryessa Continues - Napa County Releases Lake Berryessa RFII

Another important milestone in the potential rebirth of Lake Berryessa has been achieved. Napa County has issued a Request for Information and Interest (RFII) to solicit potential concessionaires for five sites at the lake. Berryessa Estates and Berryessa Highlands  Fire Stations Dedicated 

November 2017: The Great Lake Berryessa (Atlas) Fire of 2017!

The official name was the Atlas Fire and it never reached the shores of Lake Berryessa, but its immediate threat dramatically pulled the Lake Berryessa community together. Lake Berryessa News editor, Evan Kilkus, using his cellphone and Facebook Live, broadcast the Lake Berryessa wildfire battles from the Berryessa Highlands.

December 2017: Lake Berryessa Revitalization Process Delayed Several Months By Napa County Wildfire Disaster

RFII planning schedule has been revised.  Concessionaire selection to be completed and contract negotiations begun by Summer/Fall 2018.

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