2013 Hours

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
from 11:30 AM to Closing

Available for catering and special events.
Please allow five days notice for preparation.

Cucina Italiana: The Menu
Cucina Italiana: The Food
Song #1: Cucina (Maria)
Cucina Italiana: The Video
Song #2: Cucina (That's Amore)
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Cucina Italiana in the Spanish Flat Village Center has worked its way into the hearts and stomachs of the locals, tourists, and often large groups of resort visitors. The heart part is tickled by Chef Stefano Gusberti’s enthusiasm combined with the 5 foot high flames that often leap above the kitchen stove without seeming to singe his eyebrows. Stefano was born in Salsomaggiore and studied at the Institute Lovate in Parma, Italy. After creating gourmet masterpieces at The Rex II Restorante in Los Angeles and Massa’s in San Francisco, Stefano moved to Berryessa in 2001. The stomach part is always more than satisfied by the delicious food in large portions. Not many folks have been able to finish a whole meal - which is part of Cucina’s philosophy of satisfying their clients - and take home boxes are readily available. An outdoor patio, grapevines, and a bocce court make this a pleasant place to spend time with friends.