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Why Not Advertise in the Lake Berryessa News in 2021?

2021! The new decade is one year older. And the new advertising season is upon us. I would like to make a personal appeal for your advertising support. As with all news organizations, including small ones like mine, costs are pushing higher and revenue is trending lower. Your financial support is vital so that the Lake Berryessa News can continue to publish. Sorry to say, we barely break even. Experience shows that without THE LAKE BERRYESSA NEWS, there would be no Lake Berryessa news!

The revitalization of Lake Berryessa will help all local and regional businesses prosper. Your decision to advertise in the Lake Berryessa News will not only give you an opportunity to reach new customers, but will also show your vote of confidence in the future of the Lake Berryessa community.

The Lake Berryessa News print version is distributed widely throughout the Lake Berryessa region and reaches more than 1,000 readers per month. Web site hits average hundreds per day - and up to a thousand per day during the summer season. Our Facebook page has more than 20,000 Likes. Our email newsletter reaches hundreds more readers per month. Your ad will be displayed in all those social media.

I would like to offer you a continued advertising presence in the Lake Berryessa News for our Summer 2021 program. This 7 for the price of 6 program will run from April, 2021 through October, 2021. A single payment will guarantee your seven months of community support for the price of a standard six month ad.

I hope you’ll be a Lake Berryessa News supporter as we continue our efforts to reinvigorate our community and this great recreational resource. To advertise during this period of revitalization and show your support for our community, please contact me at (See price list below.)

The Lake Berryessa News Advertising Rates (2021)

Full Page (10 in. wide by 10 in. high ) - $400 per month

Half Page (10 in. wide by 5 in. high) - $200 per month 

Quarter Page (5 in. wide by 5 in high) - $100 per month 

Eighth Page (5 in wide by 2.5 high) - $60 per month 

Business Card (3.0 in wide by 2 in. high) $40 per month                       © Peter Kilkus 2020